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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Putting Out Fires by Sienna Black

Putting Out Fires by Sienna Black
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (102 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Fern

Carlin Rhodes is a firefighter, first and foremost. He loves his work, he’s good at the job, and he’s reliable to a fault. Some might say he’s too focused. A night out on the town with a good friend is exactly the thing he needs to loosen up. Even if that good friend abandons him at the doors to the Baseline and leaves him to find his own fun.

Zaid, a fire-called Djinn, dances at the Baseline, a nightly routine that bares it all for his customers and keeps him entertained while he avoids his destiny as a leader of his kind. When Carlin watches, though, it’s more than having fun. Zaid is intrigued and curious, drawn to the somber, focused man.

And like a moth to a flame, the firefighter is drawn to the fire-called djinn—and into a fight to save his city from the flame, when Zaid's destiny comes calling.

Putting Out Fires is a story that is both unique and captivating. When a fire Djinn falls for a firefighter, you can expect things to heat up. But what you might not anticipate are the similarities between the two men and their need to blend into the society around them.

The fire Djinn, Zaid, had me at hello. He’s sexy, he’s mysterious, and his manner is both intriguing and seductive. I couldn’t wait to learn more about him, what he was, and how he came to exist as an exotic dancer in an exclusive club. As more about him is revealed, you realize the flashes you gain in the beginning are nothing compared to what he truly is -- a complex hero if ever there was, and a powerful one too.

If Zaid is blatantly sexy, Carlin is understatedly so. He’s a man who has kept his sex preferences hidden, fearing the loss of his job and respect of his peers. I found his battle to maintain control admirable and understandable, yet somehow sad. When he meets Zaid, you realize just how tightly he is wound, and in a twist, know that’s why they play off one another so well. Whereas Zaid is free, Carlin is bound. When the roles are reversed, it’s only fitting that they discover a freedom that will allow them to be together, face the danger that looms, and hope for a future in which they can exist in happiness.

The writing is fantastic, and I loved the way Sienna Black kept things going. You won’t want to put the story down at any point and will fall in love with the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed Putting Out Fires, and recommend it to those who love an engaging story with scenes that sizzle and burn.

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