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Friday, January 8, 2010

Red Rio Blue by Marianna Lauren

Red Rio Blue by Marianna Lauren
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: paranormal
Length: Short Story (122 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Stephanotis

Aubrey Hunnisett, the owner of the successful nightclub the Rio Blue, is determined to buy out the Club Lunar, run by the dark and mysterious Michael Lennox. Michael is a vampire, and although he can feel intense mutual attraction arcing between them, he’s suspicious of Aubrey’s offer. Two tragic murders have thrown his club into rough financial waters.

Passionate sex fulfills her exhibitionist fantasies and gives Michael the chance to sift through Aubrey's memories to see if she’s working for his hated enemy, the vampire Richard Sands. Though he discovers she's not, his trip down her memory lane leads to its own batch of problems: he's halfway to falling in love with her.

Aubrey's a weakness his enemy can use, and does, dragging her into a vampiric conflict that's more than a century old. But he's underestimating Aubrey and her feelings for Michael.

Aubrey Hunnisett owns Rio Blue but like any successful business woman has her eyes set on acquiring a rival club, Club Lunar. Problem is Club Lunar is owned by a sexy guy named Michael Lennox who just happens to be a vampire. Does Aubrey really want Club Lunar or is she in cahoots with rival vampire, Richards Sands? It’s up to Michael to find out by any means he can.

I’ve been skipping over paranormals with the word vampire attached to them because it seemed every plot had been rehashed over and over again. However, this one caught my attention and I’m glad I chose to read it.

Not only is the plot original, I really liked the characters too. Ms. Lauren doesn’t rely on any of the clich├ęs of vampire novels. Michael’s sexy but not moody and dark. She’s created a well rounded character in Michael who at times just seems like the guy next door. Aubrey is strong, knows what she wants but at the same time you know she’s falling for this sexy guy. You think there’s going to be a happy ever after, but then you remember, this guy’s a vampire and how can these two end up together? Her description of the characters and their surroundings, especially the nightclub setting is good. And her secondary character, Sands is the quintessential man to hate. I won’t give away the plot, but Lauren brings it to a satisfying and realistic (for a paranormal) conclusion.

If like me, you’ve been giving vampire novels a miss, try this one, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Great Review! I loved this story, too. I can't wait to see another one from Marianna Lauren.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Stephanotis. I'm glad you decided to give my book a try, despite the vampires :-) And I'm very glad you liked it. Winning over someone who was all done with vampires is like winning Olympic gold... thank you so much.

And thanks, Fiona, for the kind words. :-)