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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunset Knight by Sami Lee

Sunset Knight by Sami Lee
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (121 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking
Book/Cherry Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Fern

Good things come to those who dare.

Lana Green is looking for a lover. At twenty-three, she’s more than ready to shed her shyness and shake up the status quo. Lucky her, the aloof bad boy she’s always wanted to shake it with, Brody Nash, is back in town. Too bad he barely knows she’s alive. Then an unexpected kiss makes her think her days of lusting from a distance are over. Despite the fact she’s no femme fatale and has zero clue how to seduce a man, she sets out to do exactly that.

Brody hardly recognizes the alluring woman as the same gawky computer geek he left in Graceville six months ago. Lana has him spellbound, but his temporary stay in town is strictly business—running his friend’s restaurant while the man’s on his honeymoon. Brody doesn’t do relationships, and he doesn’t do permanent. But when he finds her asleep on his boat, he can’t keep his hands, or any other part of his anatomy, to himself.

Things get complicated when he discovers what he thought was a casual sexual encounter has just cured her of the one thing she wanted to get rid of—her virginity.

The first thing I did after reading Sunset Knight was to make a direct trip to Samhain to purchase the story’s predecessor, Chasing Sunset. The characters quite literally pop off the page, each one as well developed as the one before. And to be quite honest, after you get a taste of the super-yummy Brody Nash, you can’t help but want seconds. The chemistry between the protagonists is molten hot and heartbreakingly sweet, an emotional and sensual combination, and you’ll enjoy this fantastic story from start to finish.

The premise of the story, while simple on the surface, is anything but. Brody is unobtainable, but not for the reasons you initially suspect. He isn’t even aware of the isolation he’s inflicted upon himself until he begins to feel something for the lovely Lana. I can’t reveal the tragedies of his past, but I will say it’s very well done, and the reveal is timed perfectly.

Likewise, Lana isn’t who you might expect after meeting her for the first time in the story. Instead, layers of the insecure young girl are peeled away, and you get a glimpse of the woman beneath.

The emotional scenes will have you tearing up, while the sexual ones see you panting and diving into the closest bathroom for a cold shower. Sunset Knight is one for the keeper shelf that I highly recommend. If you like a heaping portion of romance in your erotica, this definitely hits the spot.

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Soft Fuzzy Sweater said...

I read this book and it was really very good, a lot of substance along with the erotica. Only thing that disappointed me was the location is hidden. Why not include the Aussie locale up front? It gave a disjointed feeling to the book that you KNEW the story was not American but all Aussie-ness was scrubbed clean from the story. I think "they" have sex,too.