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Monday, January 18, 2010

Yule Be Mine by Viola Grace

Yule Be Mine by Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday
Length: Short Story (90 pgs)
Other: M/F, BDSM, Spanking, Anal Play/Sex
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Family tradition is important to Arabel Marx. Every year she comes to her cousin's pub to bless the building against violence under the roof. This year, as she dances her blessing and calls the wild magic, she has an audience. Her cousin's husband has invited their new partner to watch the blessing and this shifter likes what he sees.

Zenner is a dragon with a secret. Female dragons are fine, but they are all pull my tail, and Zen likes to play gently with his lovers. Watching Arabel dance the blessing, he has only one thought, Soon, You'll Be Mine.

Can Zen convince Arabel to be his? Will Arabel’s father release her from the duty that is slowly killing her? Can a dragon find happiness with this wonderful and powerful woman?

This is a wonderful story of love and discovery. Arabel is a wonderful character, strong and independent, but believing herself to be deficient because she can’t shift like her family. When her heritage is revealed, it gives her a new kind of strength. I love how Ms. Grace leads this story along, with Arabel at first unwilling to believe someone could want her for herself. We get to see her self-discovery, and I just loved how it unfolded.

Zenner is a strong hero, and has to work to break down the walls that Arabel has hidden behind for so long. When he finds some of her Warder relatives, he is delighted to show Arabel that her powers don’t need to be the drain on her that they have been. You have to love a persistent hero, and one who thinks his woman hung the moon.

The Warders are willing to help Arabel, both with training and with freeing her from the duties her father has imposed upon her. And we get to see how this wonderful family interacts. In true Viola Grace fashion, there is plenty of passion and a wonderful happy ever after for these two, but they have to fight through some barriers to get there. What kind of happy ending would it be without just a bit of struggle? The journey is definitely worth the time it takes to get there, and I recommend this one wholeheartedly.

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