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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Contract To Pleasure by Beverly Havlir

Contract To Pleasure by Beverly Havlir
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (97 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Fern

Book 1 in the Pleasure Seekers series.
Caught between a rock and a hard man…

Special Service agent Tamara Conway isn’t looking for love. She has a life, an important position. The last thing she needs is some hot and sweaty sex with a gorgeous, arrogant Bandarian messing up her life, even if he can kiss the legs out from under her. She certainly doesn’t expect to discover the infuriating man is the ruler of Bandar and the only one who can help thwart Federation Earth’s greatest enemy.

Kendrick has wanted Tamara ever since their first unforgettable encounter. With Earth needing his assistance, this is his chance to pick up where they left off. Kendrick agrees to help on one condition. Tamara will be his for one year.

Shocked at the indecent proposal but facing the possible death of millions of people, Tamara agrees. If Kendrick thinks he’s getting a submissive woman, he’s in for a surprise. Tamara is no shrinking violet. A battle of wills ensues. An overwhelming desire binds them together. One year isn’t enough—Kendrick wants her for eternity.

If you want a sci-fi erotica that is equal parts sexy and exciting, you’ll find what you’re looking for with Contract To Pleasure. Author Beverly Havlir has created worlds and characters that spark the imagination and heat the blood, and the result is a thoroughly entertaining story that is right out of this galaxy.

When we first meet Tamara, she’s all work and no play. Her sister wants her to get out more, and in a bid to shake things up, takes her to a club whose patrons know how to show a girl a good time. Unfortunately for Tamara, the man who would give her the night of her life is not only gorgeous, he’s also overbearing and arrogant. Although his kiss leaves her breathless, she shuns his advances and escapes when a distraction provides the opportunity to flee. It’s not until weeks later, when earth is under attack and her father is forced to seek outside assistance, that she finds herself face to face with the man she fled, who just so happens to be the only person who can save earth.

Kendrick can’t forget the flamed-haired vixen that rebuked his advances and left him aching. Shocked doesn’t begin to describe his reaction when he finds her in his home with her father, pleading for his aid in avoiding bloodshed. An idea comes to mind, and he makes no qualms in presenting exactly what he wants in order to intervene. Tamara will remain with him, under a contract to pleasure. As he claims what he desires most, he soon discovers there is a deeper connection that he originally conceived. He wants Tamara, body and soul, and he won’t rest until he possesses her completely.

Holy Hotness, Batman! Contract To Pleasure is a story that is hot, engaging, and oh so naughty. I loved the tension, the heat, and the characters that gain your notice and capture your attention. The material is wonderfully written, and the pace is nice and steady, meaning you won’t give into any distractions while you’re enjoying the work. Tamara and Kendrick are my favorite kind of protagonists, strong and unyielding – until they meet one another and all bets are off. The interplay is the focal point of the story, and ensures you won’t be able to put this wickedly good story down.

Fans of the genre, don’t miss out. Be sure to put Contract To Pleasure on your TBR list.

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