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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feral Heat by Lacey Savage

Feral Heat by Lacey Savage
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (342 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, F/F, M/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Cholla

Think werewolves aren't real?

Tell that to the four women and one man who find themselves captive to the whims of the Zante pack's males. Fierce, mythical, and sexy-as-sin, these delightfully debauched wolves guide their lovers through a journey of seductive exploration. Whether newly discovered or rekindled, their relationships are as passionate as they are.

And the women can give as good as they take. From a fairy bent on revenge to a vixen determined to destroy the pack, they'll all discover that getting caught is its own reward.

Wild and dangerous, menacing and exciting, otherworldly and naughty to the last...

The men of the Zante pack will make a believer out of you.

Feral Heat is a collection of steamy paranormal stories sure to set you on fire. All centering around various members of the Zante pack of werewolves, each story links to the next connecting them all into one cohesive novel in many parts. Lacey Savage has a wonderful talent for melding the emotional with the erotic and taking you on an incredible journey of the heart and body.

Chemistry to Burn starts this collection off with a bang, literally. When fairy chemist Angelina is robbed of her secret fireworks formula, she sets out to retrieve it from her ex-lover, Griffin. When the confrontation turns from an angry battle of words to frenzied lovemaking, they realize that they’re not ready to walk away from each other quite yet. Chemistry to Burn is a short and fun story that makes for a great introduction to this collection.

Following on the heels of Chemistry to Burn is the second story in this collection, Feral Magnetism. J. C. has been ordered by the pack elders to find a mate – a female mate – in twenty-nine days. Reluctant to find a mate of any kind, he’s shocked and just a bit aroused when Eve stumbles into his private party with his friend and packmate, Brad. Could she be the mate he’s been looking for? There’s only one way to find out! Feral Magnetism is a highly erotic story filled with ups and downs and three really great characters. I love Eve’s attitude as well as Brad’s sideline humor. J. C. is a conflict of emotions and alpha male werewolf. The three make a great trio just destined for trouble.

In Feral Bachelorism, we follow Brad as he watches his friend and lover, J. C. perform the mating ritual with his new human mate, Eve. Lost and despondent at the idea of J. C. moving on – and with a woman to boot – he stumbles across Sean and decides that he just has to have him. Little does he know that the one woman hidden in his past is going to make a surprise guest appearance. Brad and Sean make a delectable couple, two strong young men, one experienced and one not. However, they both eventually teach the other about the ways of life and love in their own way. I enjoyed the extra mystery and intrigue wrapped up in this story as well. The question of why Ali returns after so long gives the novella more meat.

Ali returns in Feral Hedonism, after having been caught by the pack’s security chief, Victor. In an attempt to rehabilitate her mercenary ways, Victor takes her prisoner and stashes her at his mansion. What he doesn’t plan on is falling for her – hard. It was fun watching two very alpha wolves dance around each other in this story. It was even more enjoyable trying to decide which would submit to the other first. This story also has the added benefit of being slightly more intense emotionally than the ones that came before. It shows a nice progression in the work.

Concluding the collection is probably one of the most intense and emotionally charged stories of the group, Feral Voyeurism. After leaving Victor’s home to make it on her own, Emma takes a job dancing on a pirate cruise ship. Desperate to leave her hurt feelings behind her, Emma immerses herself in her job, avoiding anyone and everything around her. When she accidentally stumbles across Durand and his ghostly lover, Chris, her world shifts in more ways than one. Torn between her painful past and a chance at a happy, loving future, Emma retreats within herself until the combination of Chris and Durand are able to awaken her curiosity… and her desire. I liked Emma when she first appeared in Feral Hedonism and was happy to see she got her own story in this collection. I also enjoyed the combination of her main men, Chris and Durand. They were similar in some ways, but so very different in so many others that it kept their interactions with Emma fresh and exciting. A great way to wrap up a group of wonderfully sexy stories.

I love the way each story flows into the next by introducing a secondary character that becomes the main character in the following story. This brings the individual stories together and makes for a more concise and cohesive collection. In addition, it draws you in farther by keeping everything familiar and keeping you from having to get to know new people each story. Also, each story gradually becomes more emotionally intense, leading the reader along a path of growth with the characters. A very satisfying collection overall. I would highly recommend it to any lover of shifter stories or good old fashioned love stories with a twist.

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