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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oshun’s Fall by Kendra Mei Chailyn

Oshun’s Fall by Kendra Mei Chailyn
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (40 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

When Yoruba's Goddess of Love, Oshun, is stripped of her powers until she finds a life-mate, she is furious. To add insult to injury, the Three want her to find a human!

Luthando Ife is a successful doctor, too busy for love. But when beautiful Kendi lands on his doorstep in the middle of a storm he is drawn to her. Kendi falls hard for the handsome African doctor, but will her secret destroy her and break his heart?

Sometimes the best lessons in life are those learned because you got knocked on your buns. Intrigued?

Then you need to read Oshun’s Fall by Kendra Mei Chailyn.

Lots of times, we find out that what we need and what we want are two separate things. In this story, Ms Chailyn shows that even the mighty Goddesses must fall occasionally in order to realize what it’s like to be a human. Although I wished for this story to be longer in order to fully realize the characters, I like that it’s a quick read, packed with heat.

Oshun is a love goddess. She puts people together and hopes for the best. In the real world, throwing people into situations they can’t handle doesn’t always work out for the best. Through the beginning of the story, Oshun comes across as snobby. She does that she does for herpleasure. I like how she grew through the story. By the last page, I found myself rooting for her. Still, I wish there was a little more substance in the story—a fuller glimpse into her life and what made her so full of herself.

Lutha, a doctor, must take care of others. It’s in his blood. When he finds Oshun, he can’t help but help her. I like his compassion. It didn’t hurt that he was easy on the eyes. Again, I would’ve liked more description of him. I never really put a face with the name. I could empathize with his confusion. Oshun’s a goddess? To the human mind, its one heck of a revelation. Then again, I liken it to meeting someone and thinking he’s a pauper, only to find out he’s the owner of a mega-corporation.

You can’t deny the attraction between Lutha and Oshun. From their first meeting, you see glimpses that passion lies beneath the lust. I like Ms. Chailyn’s storytelling in this respect. You felt the passion before the characters did and you knew it was real.

If you want a quick read, packed with love, death, sadness, and redemption, then you need to read Oshun’s Fall. I give this story 3.5 cherries.

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