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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Power of a Carronade by Ellen Margret

Power of a Carronade by Ellen Margret
Publisher: Midnight Showcase
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical
Length: Short Story (145 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/F, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

“You are the enemy, Clayton Welbourne. You were born in England. You are English, and yet you fight for the colonies.” Thus, Euphemia brands Clay a traitor and pirate. Can he thwart an attack by the American fleet off the English coast and win back his lady’s love?

One decision can ruin a lifetime. And another can signal the beginning of a bright future. It’s up to you to decide which choice to make. I’d also suggest reading Power of a Carronade. It’s a story you won’t want to miss.

I admit this is an interesting story. But there is a lot going on within the story. Keeping the characters straight and figuring out who’s with who can be tricky.

Ms. Margret writes a tale that draws you in. You feel like you’re on the boat with Clay surrendering to Jon. She’s written the scene in the jail with Euphemia and Clay as if you are jailed along with Clay. The descriptions are rich and the characters lively. One note: there are a couple of characters that aren’t for the weak of stomach. If you get queasy easy, then parts of this story aren’t for you.

The baddie in this story lives up to the name evil. Once you meet the character, you know you don’t like him/her. But you must understand the character to truly dislike him/her. I hoped there was a chance for rehabilitation.

Although Clay makes a great hero, there are moments when you want to clock him on the head and ask why he makes the choices he does. But that quality is what allows the reader to see his inner turmoil and to empathize with him.

And you can’t discount the strength of Euphemia. She’s got guts to hop aboard the boat and to stand up to Clay, especially when all she wants to do is cower away from him. You root for her to get her man, even when he’s being uncooperative.

If you want a story that will keep you on your toes, then you need to read Power of a Carronade. I give this story 4 cherries.

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