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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Survivor by Liddy Midnight

Survivor by Liddy Midnight
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (102 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Fern

After a horrific training accident with his fighter squadron, pilot Doug is transported to a world he’s seen in powerful sexual dreams featuring a mahogany-skinned beauty with silver hair. It can’t be real—people there become dragons at will. To his shock, he discovers he can transform as well.

Harna, the woman of his dreams, makes him feel welcome. The sex is mind-blowing but too much about this world defies logic. This must be another dream. Doug only knows he’s falling in love and if he’s right, he’ll have to leave Harna behind when he wakes up.

Survivor is a fantastical tale with alternate realities, dragons, magic, and some of the hottest dream sex you’re likely to experience.

We are introduced to our protagonists via one of the many dreams they’ve shared. Doug is a hot-blooded pilot living on earth, while Harna is a seductive enchantress who exists on another plane where dragons rule the skies. Their encounters are hot and steamy, and though he knows it’s not real, Doug can’t help but yearn for his fantasy woman. What he doesn’t know is that Harna is very real, and waits for him to arrive in her realm. The prophecy states that he will be her Chosen, and will come when her people need him most.

Destiny comes to fruition when a failed flight sees Doug descending toward the unforgiving ground below, but just as he closes his eyes and braces for death, he wakes in the form of a dragon, in another place that is unfamiliar, green, and beautiful. Acclimating himself to the unfamiliar body, he comes upon a dragon being attacked. He rescues her, takes her to safety, and discovers its none other than his fantasy woman.

From the beginning, I wanted to know how it was possible. Was it all just a dream? Was Doug truly in Harna’s reality? Thrust into an odd world with customs and people he doesn’t know, he approaches it as being a dream, which was understandable. As he learns about the devastation caused by the harriers, lizard-like dragons that kill and destroy, he lays out a plan to eradicate them and save Harna’s enclave. It’s fascinating reading, and impossible to put down.

Although I wished for a deeper explanation as to how Doug transported to Harna, I loved the story, as well as the characters. The writing is tight, the pace is fast, and the world is both lush and enthralling. Fans of fantasy will love Survivor, especially if they have a yen for dragon stories. You get the action, you get the heat, and you get unbridled emotion when Doug accepts his role and loves Harna as she deserves. They are both strong characters who complete one another perfectly, and their chemistry is hot enough to melt steel.

Don’t forget to pencil Survivor onto your TBR list. Sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts will devour this one and ask for seconds.

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