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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Temple of Luna 3: Savage Lessons by Moira Rogers

Temple of Luna 3: Savage Lessons by Moira Rogers
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (60 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Born into poverty and obscurity, Lexa worked harder than most to earn a place as a novice at the Savage Temple, where women trained in the art of pleasure heal the souls of battle-weary warriors. While others might be content to enjoy the luxury and prestige due a priestess of Luna, Lexa aspires to something greater -- the honor of wearing the silver robes and the security that comes with being one of their world's most powerful women. But first she must prove herself worthy by testing her strength against the Temple's most infamous trainer, a near-feral wolf whose job it is to educate women in the art of controlling a warrior through submission.

Dejan doesn't deal with novices. Time spent as a prisoner of the humans left his soul fractured and his beast far too close to the surface, making him dangerous but useful. When he accepts Lexa as his pupil he has no way of knowing the novice has the power to bring him to his knees. Their passion doesn't fade when she's promoted to the Temple's elite circle, but the rules allow no involvement between a trainer and priestess. Caught between ambition and need, it's only a matter of time before their forbidden affair threatens the lives they've fought to build.

Lexa has worked long and hard at the Temple of Luna. Her goal is to someday wear the silver robes of a priestess, usually reserved for rich or highborn women. Lexa is neither, but has caught the eye of Celine, the high priestess at the Temple of Luna. She needs to face the biggest challenge to date: Dejan, the toughest trainer there.

Dejan is a near feral wolf, and the strictest, most exacting trainer there is. If she can take on Dejan and satisfy his demands, she is sure to progress up the ranks. What she doesn’t count on is discovering that she can’t walk away from him once she has reached her goal. Can Lexa make the choice between ambition and need? Can Dejan do the right thing and walk away? And what happens when Celine chooses Lexa as her successor for High Priestess?

Once again, Moira Rogers both delights and entertains the reader with her characters. Lexa is a strong and determined woman, but she wants it all: position and the man she has come to love above everything. I love the world Ms Rogers has created, where love is often violent but never forced.

The priestesses at the Temple of Luna are there to soothe and heal the warriors so that they can return to the battle rested and renewed. When Lexa and Dejan embark on their forbidden affair, they don’t plan to become more than casual lovers. I love the strength that Dejan shows, willing to give Lexa up forever: to leave so that she can fulfill her ambition to become high priestess. Do they get the happy ever after they both want? Yes, but only with a bit of help from Celine.

Is this one of the hottest stories I’ve read in a while? Let’s just say I read it during the last cold snap and never even noticed that the temperature around me was a chilly three degrees above zero. Yes, the story is that blistering. I highly recommend this third installment of the Temple of Luna books to anyone who likes their romance on the carnal side.

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