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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Awakening Augusta by Cindy Spencer Pape

Awakening Augusta by Cindy Spencer Pape
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (71 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Regency Scotland can be a lonely place, but Augusta MacLeish has four mischievous younger siblings for company—now if she only had money to feed them! Colin Fordyce has recently inherited an earldom, along with five wards in a remote Scottish castle. When he travels to meet them, he discovers his predecessor was skimming their funds. He also learns the oldest Miss MacLeish is absolutely stunning. A knock to his head leaves him seeing two of the buxom beauty, just as one kiss from her tempting lips leaves him longing for more.

A night spent together forces Colin and Augusta to marry, leaving them all the opportunity in the world to explore the sexual hunger between them. Colin delights in teaching Augusta all the pleasures of the flesh, awakening the wanton lover beneath her ladylike veneer. From Scotland to London, the flames burning between them refuse to be doused, and oh how they will set the Ton on fire.

What do you do when you are responsible for four children, a crumbling castle, have no money, and your newly inherited benefactor is lying unconscious because he hit his head when his horse fell through the rotten boards that cross your moat? You marry him of course!

Actually, that wasn’t Augustus’s first thought but it was the end result of being caught in a compromising position with the Fifth Earl of Bruxton, Colin Fordyce, by the town’s resident busy body and vicar’s hateful sister.

What starts out as a tale of the sad plight of four orphaned siblings and their duty bound oldest sister, doing her best to provide for their basic needs, turns into a very charming and heart warming story of Augusta and Colin’s tempestuous first meeting.

Colin is a true English gentleman and goes above and beyond to ensure that Augusta and the children are provided for. He is rewarded with a wife who can not only step in and run his large new estate, but has no problem with entering the Ton with grace and entering his bed with an open mind. Augusta is innocent and very genuine. She was easy to like.

As the title suggests Augusta is awakened to a very sensual nature that she embraces freely. She willingly joins Colin in exploring their obvious chemistry. I think you’ll walk away from Awakening Augusta feeling satisfied that Augusta and Colin not only fall in love but they actually respect each other.

I had a few minor issues with how easily our hero accepted being caught in the parson's trap and forced to marry when he probably could have talked his way out of it with a few well-chosen words to the vicar. That was my only real issue with this otherwise wonderful story.

Therefore, I give Awakening Augusta 3 Cherries for a passionate story, clever dialogue and just the right amount of steam to keep me engaged from start to finish.

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