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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beyond Curious by Paisely Smith

Beyond Curious by Paisley Smith
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (58 pgs)
Other: F/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Annie’s dreading the piano lessons that her grandmother’s will demanded she take…until she meets her teacher, Emily. Far from the elderly cat lady Annie had envisioned, Emily is sexy, blonde and completely irresistible.

Emily has never been with a woman, but Annie attracts her in a way that no one else has. Despite Emily’s initial misgivings, it doesn’t take long for their relationship to move from teacher and student to something much more than either of them expected—something that might lead to the love of a lifetime.

A love sweeter than song.

Annie Prescott is baggy jeans, work shirts, and sturdy boots. If it wasn’t for a deathbed promise to her dying Gram she would continue to appreciate beautiful piano music…from a distance. Annie has no interest in spending even one day a week with the old widow Granger who, Annie imagines, wears brightly colored muumuu dresses and has a house full of cats. You can just imagine her surprise when instead she was greeted by talented, young, and breathtakingly beautiful Emily Granger. Suddenly, learning to “tickle the ivories” sounds a lot more fun and personal.

Emily is used to beginners being nervous. She even expects it. She wasn’t expecting to be attracted to her newest student, the tall and tomboyish Annie. Despite the way she dresses, Annie is obviously female and that is a direction the recently widowed piano teacher has not considered her life taking.

When Emily and Annie finally give into their desires the sex is incredibly erotic and emotionally intense. Annie is experienced and quickly assumes the role of teacher in the bedroom…and the living room…and across the piano.

Ms. Smith’s writing is so vivid, I could easily feel the sexual tension and awareness between Annie and Emily as they sat on the piano bench working through the primer. Annie’s self conscious shyness is every bit as endearing as Emily’s natural kindness. Don’t get me wrong, these women each have a powerful inner strength that is called on when their non-traditional relationship is questioned by Emily’s ex-inlaws.

F/F is not my normal choice of reads but, like Emily, I, too, was curious and I’m very glad I chose this novella to satisfy my piqued interest. Well worth the read. I look forward to reading Ms. Smith’s next installment.

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Paisley Smith said...

Thank you for the fab review! Your insight into my characters and story is spot on and so beautifully expressed. I'm glad you enjoyed Beyond Curious. Thanks again!