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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Burning Up Flint by Laurann Dohner

Burning Up Flint by Laurann Dohner
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (129 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Fern

Book 1 in the Cyborg Seduction series.

Flint is tall, gorgeous and dangerous. He’s a cyborg—the absolute ultimate alpha male. He takes what he wants and holds what is his. Mira is his now. He takes her aboard his ship and has her branded with his mark. He captured her, owns her, and she will serve his every need.

Mira is instantly drawn to Flint, fascinated by his seductive appeal. The sex between them is smoking hot. Until she finds out he is a breeder, contracted to a dozen cyborg women, and she is no more than a possession.

Mira won’t share her cyborg and she belongs to no one—not even to a man who has captured her heart. She doesn’t know if cyborgs feel…anything. Can Flint love her? Mira is determined to find out, no matter how much trouble she makes for the big guy.

Burning Up Flint is a sizzling hot, sci-fi erotic story that is out of this world. Laurann Dohner has created an utterly fascinating reality with ships, planets, and characters that leap off the page.

From the moment Mira’s ship is boarded and she sets her eyes upon the pirate cyborg, Flint, she experiences an immediate attraction. Notably different than her, he is equally fascinating. Of course, the same goes for Flint. He’s enraptured by this small human female who is so unlike anything he’s ever seen before. As he takes her captive, they cave to the undeniable desire that exists between them.

Unfortunately, passion cannot erase the substantial difference in their belief systems and lifestyles. There is so much anger and hurt as Mira struggles with her growing affection for Flint, and by the same token, Flint attempts to understand her feelings and reactions to his nature and responsibilities to his race.

The writing is fantastic and the sex is melt-the-tips-of-your-fingers hot. Ms. Dohner excels at world building and character development, and her plot is complex enough to progress the story and keep the reader thoroughly entertained. I loved the world, the characters, the tension, and the heart-wrenching scenes between Mira and Flint. This is a super-sexy read, yet, manages to choke you with emotion when necessary.

Sci-fi fans, as well as those who are new to the genre, will adore Burning Up Flint. A definite must read, don’t forget to pencil this story onto your TBR list. I can’t wait for the next installment in what is sure to be a fantastic series.

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