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Monday, March 8, 2010

Impassioned by Kate Hill

Impassioned by Kate Hill
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (60 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

The brutal serial killer Tonia helped put away for life has escaped. To protect herself, she takes a job as a housekeeper on the private island of Dr. Juan Gino Perez.

Mysterious and appealing, Dr. Perez intrigues her from the first, but she soon realizes that her new home might be as dangerous as the one she left.

The victim of another scientist's inhumane studies, Juan has bridged the gap between civilized man and primal beast. As if drawn by magic, he and Tonia can't restrain the lust between them. Her love might be his only cure. He's willing to risk anything -- even his life -- to keep her safe.

Willy the Carver's about to learn that hunting the beast's mate may be his last mistake...

Tonia has turned her life around, but the past is coming back to get her. The brutal serial killer she helped to put behind bars has escaped, and Tonia doesn’t want to endanger those at the shelter where she works. When she finds an ad for a job as a housekeeper on a private island, she jumps at the chance and hopes Willy the Carver never catches up to her.

Dr. Juan Gino Perez hires her after a very brief interview, and Tonia feels sure this is just what she needs to be safe. But the doctor is more than he appears to be, and soon Tonia begins to think she has gone from the frying pan to the fire. It seems Dr. Juan is cursed, and the only other person on the island is the doctor’s assistant, Dave, who has some secrets too. Will Tonia be safe on the island? Has she exchanged one danger for another? And what is the significance of the new tattoo that Tonia got for New Year’s?

This is a suspenseful and riveting book. Kate Hill’s story kept me spellbound throughout, waiting to see what would happen. Tonia is a strong character, overcoming a terrible past to become so much more.

When the killer escapes, she takes steps to remove herself from the place that would be dangerous for so many, and starts another life. Dr. Juan Perez is not what he advertises and he has ulterior motives where Tonia is concerned. The tattoo plays a major role here; it is a man with two faces. There are subtle hints to what Dave is, and also to what Juan and Dave are doing that Tonia doesn’t know about. But Tonia does find out what is going on, and decides maybe she can help in some way.

When Willy the Carver applies for the job as gardener on the island, you feel a sense of something working behind the scenes to bring all of them together. There is a great sense of fate and destiny here, and Tonia is just the kind of character Juan needs to tame his other side.

And what is Dave’s secret you ask? Get the book and read it for yourself. I promise you one happy ever after and some very ironic justice.

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