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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Shifter Showmance: Shifting Reality Book 1 by RG Alexander

My Shifter Showmance: Shifting Reality Book 1 by R. G. Alexander
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (70 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

A Shifter, A Vampire and A Demon walk into a bar…

Shifting Reality, Book 1

Thomas Lyons is your average cat shifter. Cool, seductive…and bored out of his mind. With the new popularity of all things paranormal, he doesn’t see why he should hide anymore. When his half-demon technophile roommate hooks him up with a computer, Thomas starts a blog announcing to the world who and what he is. Oddly enough, the more he shares, the less he’s believed. In fact, people begin thinking it’s a new online series with fantastic effects.

Margo Sheffield doesn’t dance on tables anymore, not since her reckless naïveté cost her so much. These days, her only guilty pleasures are dark chocolate, shoes—and a certain website with a man whose purring voice sends shivers down her spine. When the show, Shifting Reality, offers a week in a haunted Scottish castle with the stars, it seems a far-off dream. But when that dream becomes reality, her boss’s insistence that she mix business with pleasure—or else—is more like a nightmare.

Thomas’s focus on the show is blown by the luscious, camera-shy handful. And Margo can barely think about contracts when she’s surrounded by newlywed ghost hunters, a matchmaking demon and a man whose addictive touch makes her head spin. A showmance is the last thing she needs, but with a sexy cat like Thomas on the prowl…she just can’t resist.

Thomas Lyons has decided to break up his boredom by hosting a video blog, featuring his friends Mac (a vampire), Saint (a demon) and of course himself (a cat shifter) With a name like Lyons, of course he is one sexy lion shifter. He has decided to invite nine of the blog followers to Mac’s castle in Scotland as a sort of Survivor type challenge. What he doesn’t tell everyone is that although this has been very successful, he will shut down the broadcasts after the contest.

Among those chosen is Margo Anderson, a member of the online audience, a fan of Thomas, and a woman with a past she would love to forget. When she is chosen as one of the nine, her boss at the production company she works for wants her to get the guys to sign a contract for rights to produce a movie or series of the weblog. Of course, the people who are chosen think that this is all make believe, never thinking that there may be any truth to who and what Thomas, Mac and Saint really are.

Can Margo do what her boss demands of her? How many will make it through to the end of the challenge? What other hidden agendas will be revealed before the end of the trip? And most important, can Margo and Thomas find a way to make the relationship between a lion and a human work?

I had a blast reading this one. It was such a different premise, and takes full advantages of the modern technology so prevalent in today’s world. Thomas, Mac and Saint are three very interesting and unusual characters.

When Thomas meets Margo, he falls hard, and hopes she feels the same way. Margo is such a complex character: she appears quiet and sort of mousy, but underneath there is a fire smoldering. When Saint, who can read everyone’s secrets, starts telling about them at the dinner table, things get lively. Thomas, Mac and Saint are, of course, three very sexy and hot beyond belief hunks. I would expect no less in an R. G. Alexander tale. I am so glad she indicated this is the first of a series, because I definitely want to read more about these characters.

Ms. Alexander has a way with character development, and her world is very believable as well. This is a great book, a joy to read, and it leaves you wanting to visit again.

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Anonymous said...

Great review. This novel seems like such fun and I have been looking forward to it for some time, can't wait for release day!