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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Riding Cowboys by Eve Adams

Riding Cowboys (Riding Series 3) by Eve Adams
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (85 pgs)
Other: M/F/M, Menage
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Statice

Amber Dalton has been in love with sexy Norris Emerson since they first met. She'd give anything to be a permanent fixture in his life, but whenever she mentions their relationship, or lack thereof, he runs away. Maybe she should give up on Norris and finally accept her old high school flame's invitation to accompany him to The Roadhouse -- an elite club where alternative love is not only accepted, but openly practiced.

Amber's sexual allure intoxicates Norris, but her appetite is more than he can satisfy. Alone. Knowing she's never lost her interest in Brett Fields, an old boyfriend, Norris devises a plan to bring the three of them together, not only for the night, but for their happily ever after.

Brett Fields is more than happy to accept both Norris and Amber to his roadhouse. With Norris' help, they'll show Amber why love is best served in threes.

Amber Dalton has been in love with Norris Emerson and has had great sex with him in the course of their working together, but so far that is all that it has been, despite the fact that Amber wants more – more than Norris seems prepared to want to give her. What can she do to get Norris to come around to her way of thinking?

Norris and Amber work together – she as the bait for marks and he is the muscle for the operation. This time around they are trying to get money from a dishonest senator who fleeced old ladies of their life savings. Norris and Amber work well together, but every time Amber gets close to Norris he ends up walking away. Is he ever going to hang around and stay?

After working this last case, Norris disappears out of Amber's life for a while. But then comes the invitation from him to celebrate her birthday with him in the Roadhouse; a place where everyone can be themselves and where the Monday night signifies more than just the beginning of the week – the new moon also signifies the start of something new!

As much as Amber is in love with Norris, she is also in love with Brett Fields who runs The Roadhouse. She has been in love with him for years – since her high school days, except he has never noticed her or shown any interest in her.

This night will be different – she has both of them in the same place at the same time and it is a Monday night and a new moon. What happens next will be up to the three of them. Where will it lead? It leads to a night full of earth shattering sex with not one of the men she loves but with both of them. Amber finds out things about both her lovers but her burgeoning relationship with Brett is threatened before it has even really started. Everything that she holds dear is threatened - by the work Amber and Norris do when their latest mark shows up at the Roadhouse and proceeds to accuse Amber and Norris of stealing his money.

The scenes between the three lovers and minor characters in the Roadhouse and in the Pillow Room were scorchingly hot as well as erotic. The characters connected with an intensity and emotion that expressed their feelings for one another, but there were loopholes in the story that made this reader feel as if there was something missing. However, given that this book is number three in the series, it is more than possible that the scene had been set in prior books. Nevertheless, a repeat or a summary of setting of the scene would not have been amiss.

Minor inconsistencies include the fact that on the one hand Amber has been adoring Brett from afar, yet Brett reveals that he has been waiting for Amber to accept his invitations to the Roadhouse. Norris on the other hand enjoys the ménage lifestyle and has been to the club many times, yet Amber who works intimately with him and lives in the same town has no knowledge of his proclivities in this area. Another strange quirk is the fact that Amber has an accent that Norris cannot place, which is not explained.

Another thing that was worrying was the lightning quick emotional turnaround by Brett who loves Amber and apparently has done so for years from afar– when he first discovers that Amber did help to fleece the senator of his money all he wants to do is kick both Amber and Norris out of the club, but then just seconds later he changes his mind. Strange behaviour from one who has been waiting for someone for so long.

I loved the way that the senator finally got his come uppance, but you would expect that in a small town, a club like the Roadhouse would be known to the locals and to the police, but these police had no idea. Despite the minor lapses in the story line, I loved the way that Amber finally got both her men and how Norris and Brett got their woman and how they became a complete unit. I am going to go and get the rest of the books in this series as I want to find out more about other characters mentioned and about the Roadhouse!

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