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Friday, March 26, 2010

Timeless Wrath: Going Down Under by Lexxie Couper

Timeless Wrath: Going Down Under by Lexxie Couper
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (108 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

A book in the Going Down Under series.

Beatrice “Ricki” Sullivan is every man’s fantasy. Drop-dead gorgeous, she exudes a sensuality none can ignore. More than just a stunning face and body, she’s intelligent, kind, gentle…and madly, inexplicably in love with Evron, a man she’s known mere hours.

Evron McKenzie is troubled, struggling with undeniable anger that scorches through his veins. And the irrational feeling he is someone else, something more. Someone rich, powerful…someone to fear. But in Ricki’s arms, Evron may have finally found his place in the world. At last he is at peace.

So who is the seductive redhead who invades Evron’s dreams? Why does she urge him to touch a mysterious sculpture—a sculpture that seems to radiate death and sin? How can she make him hornier than he’s ever been in his life with just a look, and at the same time turn his anger into bloody, murderous rage? And, more frighteningly, why can’t he resist her?

Timeless Wrath is a story of ancient evil and fated love. It is also a hot romance, with characters you want to meet. Evron McKenzie and Beatrice “Ricki” Sullivan have one of those instant attractions that are set in motion by Fate. But they have to overcome the deep-seated rage that simmers constantly inside of Evron. The journey to true peace and happiness for these two will be a rough one. Can they conquer the demons and win?

Lexxie Couper has a talent for creating stories that jump off the page at you. The characters are all well developed, with several facets to each one’s character. The attraction between Ricki and Evron, while fast, seems so right. Ricki is a supermodel, an American, who goes to Australia to escape publicity while she prepares for her first movie role. I liked that she went with her first instinct when she met Evron. In some stories this would have seemed too quick, but in Ms. Couper’s able hands, this works to the better.

Evron is a strong and sexy character, but one with an extreme anger problem. He feels the simmering rage, always just below the surface. When he meets Ricki, it all just stops when they are together. Of course, this wouldn’t be a story without the curse that has afflicted Evron’s bloodline for thousands of years, and the she-demon who thrives on his rage. I liked how this curse surfaced in the past with mention of two famous men who were affected by the curse, and who passed it on through a sculpture that, when touched, creates havoc by the rage it imbues in it’s possessors.

There are several ironic twists and turns before we get to the happy ever after, and at least once, it appears that we may not get there at all. I do want to add a warning with this-be prepared for super hot sex in a variety of places, and keep your fan running on high.

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