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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Wife School by Samantha Winston

The Wife School by Samantha Winston
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (126 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Ambrosia

Arnold Souche has everything under control. He made a mistake with his first wife, but his second wife will be perfect. So that she doesn’t get any wild ideas, he sends her to an all-girls school in Switzerland to be raised by nuns, and gives her in the dowdiest clothes possible. Amelia is content to go along with Arnold, until the day Ben arrives in her life and suddenly she realizes that nothing can replace passion and love. But if she leaves Arnold, she’ll owe him a quarter of a million dollars, and suddenly true love is looking like something she’ll never attain.

Losing everything you own isn’t so bad when you find more than you’d hoped for in love. When a sharp-minded, bankrupted businessman, and a not-so-prim affianced woman meet, she thinks he’s gay and he lets her in order to seek revenge against her betrothed. It’s a classic star crossed-lovers tale where the couple loses their hearts and hopes of being together when all odds are against them.

The heroine, Amelia, is a contrast between innocence and sultry sexuality as she attempts to use her wiles on men and finds she isn’t very good at it. One minute she’s submissive, the next ready to take on the world of business and career. When she meets the hero, she doesn’t worry about barriers but sets out to get what she wants. The only downside to her in the beginning is giving in to a relationship only because she’s afraid of not having money and someone to care for her.

The hero in this story, Ben, acts as though he’d do anything for revenge, yet when he believes that Amelia will be hurt by his actions, he redeems himself and does his best to help her get what she wants while planning on keeping her for himself. He’s a good man and it shows in his care of her.

As the villain, Amelia’s guardian and fiancĂ© tries to keep her under his thumb until she begins to blossom in a ‘My Fair Lady’ way under Ben’s tutelage. From the start this man is unlikeable and one only hopes he doesn’t succeed, though it seems he holds all the cards.

The Wife School makes you believe that you’ve time-warped back to old England then fast-forwarded once again to the Millennium where Amelia and Ben find true love while Souche gets his just desserts. The heroine was a contradiction between innocence and an experienced woman who, though she had a strong sense of honor about marrying Souche because of the contract, had no concerns about sleeping with his enemy.

All in all, the story was a pleasant read, well-written, and easy and quick to read.

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