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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enchanted by Viola Grace

Enchanted by Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (115 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Myka Michaels has been a Healer specializing in obstetrics for years. Her assignment on Dremarai is one she both revels in and dreads. She wants to be the best Healer she can be, but riding a horse-beast from town-to-town isn't really her idea of a fun work environment. Elite D'hai Bosun has been selected as her escort through the countryside, his dragon tattoo proudly proclaiming his ability to summon magic. When Myka begins to feel an attraction to her escort she doesn't know how to tell him, then the custom of Hospitality raises its head. All Myka needs to do is to ask D'hai to fulfill his obligations to her as her host, to give her the Hospitality of his body. Will her Terran prudishness override her urge to ride the dragon accompanying her?

Join the Alliance and be what you were meant to be! That could be what Healer Myka Michaels discovers when she goes to Dremarai for her next assignment. It is a low-tech world, where magic is strong, but the women are dying in childbirth at an alarming rate.

Because she is a female, she cannot roam the planet unescorted while it is decided if her unique talent will be what the Dremarai need to keep the race from dying out. Elite D'hai Bosun has been chosen as her escort, and the attraction between them is strong from the first time they met. When Myka is able to deliver babies that are alive, and also prevent the problems of the past with the mothers as well, she is delighted. Can Myka find a way to act on her desire for D’hai Bosun and stay on Dremarai? Will Elite D’hai discover why he is losing his mating bands with a mortal? Myka is more than mortal, but what exactly is she?

I loved the surprises in this wonderful tale of magic and passion. Viola Grace has created a world with little technology, a world where magic is all around. The Dremarai people are dragon shifters, but with a serious problem. The heroine, Myka, is strong in psychic power, but more important, she can heal what is killing the women in childbirth.

Myka is a strong and determined woman, attracted to Elite D’hai, even though she realizes he is highborn and not for her. Knowing she could be reassigned at any time, she is planning on enjoying her time with him for as long as it lasts. Elite D’hai is gorgeous and sexy and also confused at his feelings for Myka. His fated one should be Dremarai, like he is. But Myka is more than she seems, and when the magic alignment occurs, she is as shocked as everyone else to see the change in herself.

I love the twists and surprises Ms. Grace puts in this one, and the characters are beautifully detailed. I was drawn in to this by the passion between Myka and Elite D’hai, and stayed for the passion and mystery. This is a fun read, with humor, romance and lots of heat. I recommend this to all those who need a bit more magic in their lives. Oh, what is Myka, you ask? You will need to read the book, because I’m not telling.

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