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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enemy Mine by Barbara J. Hancock

Enemy Mine by Barbara J. Hancock
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (46 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

Risking everything for the one woman bold enough to betray him.

Julia Rierdon attacks life with everything she’s got, taking the missions no one else will touch. Refusing to slow down long enough to embrace anything or anyone else. When her plane goes down in the Smoky Mountains, being injured and alone with a dangerous shifter chained at her side is bad enough. Fighting her bone-deep desire is a challenge she could fail.

Ross Walker knew Julie was dangerous the minute she walked into his casino. She exactly matches the image of his destined mate imprinted on his dreams. One moment of distraction and he’s on his way to prison—putting at risk the future of the Cherokee Ani’Kutani, an ancient clan of shape shifters.

He ought to make a break for freedom. Instead he stays to heal her wounds. Giving in to their wild, undeniable passion, Ross prays their mystical connection will help Julia see beyond what she’s always believed about shifters and see the
forever in his dreams.

She’s an FBI agent sent in to rid the world of the evil cat shifters. He’s the cat shifter in her gun sights, but he’s not going to let her catch him—unless she’s got sexy ideas.

If you love cat shifters and lots of action in your romance, then Enemy Mine is the book for you.

This is my first introduction to Ms. Hancock, but it won’t be the last. Her characters came off the page for me and stayed with me long after I’d closed the ebook. I felt like I was right there on the mountain, in the midst of the crash with Julia and Ross. Ms. Hancock writes intriguing plot twists that kept me on the edge of my seat.

My only issue was learning a bit more about Julia’s past. I understood her reluctance to rely on others and her fear of losing, but I wanted it a tad more explained. There’s a lot more to Julia than meets the eye, and I wanted to read about it.

Still, I loved the paradox in this story. Julia’s sent to kill Ross. She sees him as a menace to society—until she really sees him. The idea of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes really hit home for me with her plight. I felt her confusion and need for Ross as if it were my own.

And Ross? Whew! He’s a hottie in a kitty shifter package. I loved his sympathies for her, even when he should’ve hated her. His compassion struck me as sweet and unexpected. When they made love, I had to check my fingers for singe marks. Yeah, it’s that hot!

If you want a story with a mix of humanity and sexuality, then you need to read Enemy Mine. I give it 4 cherries.

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