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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Enthralled by Viola Grace

Enthralled by Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (72 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Tess Mathers wishes that her mind would simply stop recording the horrors that she witnessed after the city where she studied was blown to bits. Running through the nearby hills may have saved her life, but nothing short of a miracle would save her sanity. Taken from the planet as the spoils of war, Tess hopes that her end is quick. Life at the fighting pit is harsh, brutal and usually short. Hiding inside her mind is her means of survival until the day she is thrown into a black cell and given to one of the fighters. The next day she remembers nothing, a frustration to her captors, but the next night she is sent back and once again he holds her enthralled.

Who would have believed that the studious geek girl would be the one to survive the attack?

Tess Mathers traveled to the planet Chavip to be a part of the think tank there, only to be caught in a massive and destructive attack on the city. Captured alive by the enemy, Tess is terrified she will be thrown in the fighting pit and forced to fight for her life. When Tess is taken from the pen holding the prisoners for talking, she is taken to Soorn, the creature who caused all the destruction, to use for target practice.

When The Shadow, one of the fighters, requires her particular DNA, she is spared, and thrown into a dark cell with him. The Shadow is actually Vere Breggin of Admar, and the destined mate of Tess. Can Vere and Tess escape their captivity? Can Tess forgive Vere, when she discovers what he did to keep her? Will Tess stay with Vere on the beautiful planet of Admar, or will she return to her people?

The mind of Viola Grace must be a miraculous place. She just keeps creating wonderful stories with exciting worlds and fascinating characters. Enthralled is no exception.

Tess is smart, funny and determined to survive at all costs. When she is chosen for Soorn’s target practice, her only hope is to die quickly. When she is taken as the mate of the Shadow, it is a relief to be safe for a while.

Vere Breggin is from the planet Admar, a people the Terrans called Elves. Vere has been sleeping, waiting for his one true mate to wake him so he can claim her. When Tess’ transport passes over his planet, he feels her and wakes. Vere is tall, dark and extremely handsome, and Tess begins to fall for him. Can she forgive him when it is found that he used his power to enthrall Tess into staying with him?

These characters are wonderful together, and the story is filled with passion and danger that Vere and Tess must overcome to be together. I love the happy ever after that Viola Grace gives with this one, a happy ever after that may be in danger from Vere’s own actions. This is a wonderful story for those who like happy endings with just a bit of peril thrown in.

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