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Friday, April 2, 2010

Fallen by Blayne Edwards

Fallen by Blayne Edwards
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (97 pgs)
Other: voyeurism, masturbation, M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

“She just fell from the freakin’ sky!”

The Cherokee people don’t have a mating dance. Unfortunately for Lossiah’s clan, he’s an innovator. An innovator and perhaps a bit of a troublemaker. Of course, he never meant to bring home the flu bug that almost wiped out his entire family, and he didn’t really think the Dance would convince the Great Spirit to forgive him and send him a wife. Losi’s not a bad guy. He’s just trying to score some action. And who can blame him? Living isolated in the Smoky Mountains for all those years can be hell on a guy’s sex life. Not to mention what it can do to his two-step.

Sarah’s had it up to here with being nagged about her sex life. There is no problem with her sex life. She has no sex life! How can there be a problem?

What do you do when something you want is just out of reach? If you want it badly enough, you reach a little farther.

Sarah doesn’t exactly fall from the sky buy a two hundred foot fall down a ravine is no picnic. It helps that she practically fell into the lap of a gorgeous Cherokee brave who just danced a prayer to the Creator for help in finding the woman meant for him.

I really like the characters of Sarah and Lossiah. They were easy to relate to because they seemed so real – real problems, real emotions, real needs and desires.

Sarah is a botanist. She relates to plants better than people because plants lives tend to be predictable and structured much like Sarah, herself. When she meets Lossiah she is immediately drawn to him in the same way she is drawn to a new species of plant. She wants to touch, taste and inspect every inch of his sun kissed body…and he’s happy to comply.

Lossiah is a good man with an honorable heart but has been without a woman for seven years thanks to his impatience. He very much wants to make things right with his tribe as well as the Creator. If along the way he could have a prayer answered in the form of his true love that would be okay, too.

The story jumps around a bit and I actually had to re-read a large portion of it to get a better understanding of the events. At one point I couldn’t decide if Sarah did or did not have a concussion and weather or not they had sex before or after going to his cabin. Sarah isn’t even sure part of the time. Losi is just one very well developed fantasy…or is he??

I will say, the story is refreshingly original. Lossiah and his people, who have been hidden from “civilization” for more than 200 years in the Smoky Mountains, are looking at being potentially exposed due to greed and Lossiah with the help of Sarah and some clever hybrid wolf shifters set out to save the hidden Cherokee nation.

Ms. Edwards brings in a paranormal aspect to the story that is both entertaining and engrossing. The chemistry between Sarah and Lossiah is hot and steamy. They enjoy getting to know each other!

I gave Fallen 4 Cherries because even though it took more than one read to understand the story it was worth a second look.

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