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Friday, April 9, 2010

Hollywood Lights by Tonya Ramagos

Hollywood Lights (The Heroes of Silver Springs 6) by Tonya Ramagos
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (281 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Statice

Tess returned to Silver Springs leaving her heart and acting aspirations behind in Hollywood. Two years later, both have followed her. Now an officer with the SSPD, she's found the strong, in control, happy side of herself she always sought. But a single command from Devon Gerard's panty-wetting voice takes it all away, sending her spiraling down a path of wicked desire.

Devon never understood why Tess left. Still, he let her go without a fight, and it was the stupidest thing he ever did. When his latest role brings him to Silver Springs, he knows it's time to reclaim what is his. But a case she's working on collides with the film he's shooting, throwing them into a battle that rages with danger, deceit, and desire.

Theresa Keaton tried her hand at acting and, while she didn’t become famous she did end up having a relationship with a famous Hollywood actor, Devon Gerard. Determined to succeed on her own, she wouldn’t let Devon help her with his connections and they also kept their relationship under wraps. When the acting and the relationship weren’t working Theresa ran back home to Silver Springs with her tail between her legs.

Two years down the track and one deadly, demented family member later (events featured in Twin Games - The Heroes of Silver Springs 2), Theresa has become a respected member of the Silver Springs Police Department. She has left the lights of Hollywood behind, just as she left Devon Gerard behind – she thought for good, but life has a strange way of working out and Theresa is about to find out how strange things can get!

She ran from Devon because she loved him and also because she felt that all they had was the sex – and it was great sex! Theresa is also at odds with her submissive side and given that she is a police woman I can certainly see that there would be a dilemma there between the submissive and the dominant.

Devon was devastated when Theresa left. He was affected by her abrupt departure and as a result his career went downhill and he dropped out of the spotlight until he popped up again as the main lead in the film to be made in Silver Springs. It was the result of Theresa’s desertion that made him seem all the more human and likeable as a character, rather than some distant albeit handsome and sexy star who just pops into a story.

There is a lot happening in the story besides the development of the relationship between Theresa and Devon who are thrown together again on set – there is the thread continued from previous books in the series about the drug cartel, the drug dealers and liquid heroin, and there is also a relationship that develops between a fireman from the Silver Springs Fire Department, Thaddeus Carter,(also Mr. November in the calendar that was the focus of the previous book in the series) who also happens to be in the film and Adrien Bingham, an agent with the DEA in Silver Springs.

The main focus however is Theresa and Devon – can they work through the relationship problems and come out the other end together and whole? It is not going to be easy – Theresa is not an easy woman – despite her exterior, she is vulnerable and scared – scared of what submitting means and scared of her emotional reactions to Devon. Despite having had a relationship with her for a long time, Devon discovers that he really doesn’t know her and she doesn’t know him. He does however yearn to be with her and to know her, but Theresa is not going to make it easy. Add to this the fact that she is a cop – a very good one and the fact that there are drug dealers on set and that a sting catches the wrong guy, well, let’s just say that this relationship does not have an easy ‘restart’. It is up to both Devon and Theresa to work out their differences and see if what they feel for each other is something they can admit to each other and then move forward together.

I loved this story as it continued the story of a character who has been in the periphery of the Silver Springs series for a number of books – finally she got her own book and what a book! A hunky star with good looks and a multitude of skills in the bedroom for a leading man is what any girl would wish for. Added to that he is not just a hunk, he has an emotional depth to him that makes this story work. He is the one who helps Theresa to understand herself and in doing so, he also realizes that she is what he needs – they need each other and the hiccups on the way just make this one story that is interesting and just a little heart wrenching to read. I was rooting for both Devon and Theresa.

Once again Ms. Ramagos has hit the jackpot! While this is part of a series, these books can be read as stand alone books. Her characters are well rounded with emotional depth and they are grounded in reality – you could believe that they exist and that you might just see them walking down the street or even better know them personally. I, for one would love to personally know some of these hot heroes of Silver Springs. I certainly hope that the next installment of the series is as scorchingly hot as this one has been!

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