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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love on the Side of the NJ Turnpike by Lux Zakari

Love on the Side of the NJ Turnpike by Lux Zakari
Publisher: Paper-Bag-Press.Com
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (30 pgs)
Other: M/F, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by: Ambrosia

Regina has just the thing to yank Heath out of his depression. But his attitude isn't making it easy. Figuring out how to get Heath to warm back up to her is the beginning of this summertime road trip. Scandalous.

Faced with a lover who is downright depressed and snarling like a wounded dog, a woman goes to extreme measures to rekindle her sex life. With undying love, she struggles to maintain control of her emotions, thinking their relationship is over. Lux Zakari sends you on a rollercoaster ride of the ups and downs of partnership between a man and a woman that will tear at your heartstrings.

Forcing her lover to drive to the beach with her, Regina hopes to pull him out of his depressed mood. She’s aching, horny, and wants him with all her heart and soul, yet fears he doesn’t want her anymore. With undying devotion, she fights to maintain a positive attitude, hoping that he will return to the man he was before. Feeling lost and alone while Heath drives the car, she reclines in the back seat and gives a truck driver a show he’s not likely to forget.

Losing his job, Heath can’t help but snap and snarl at his girl as depression weighs heavily on his shoulders. He doesn’t want to go to a beach, finding every excuse in the book to keep her from cheering him up. When she takes over and uses her sexuality to entice him into being happy, he can’t help but become lost beneath her lips. Regina asks him to make love to her one last time, which makes him realize how much he needs her by his side.

In the face of Regina’s heartache, you have to wonder if the hero is worth working on since he seems determined to block her every move towards having fun. When she finally breaks down and gives in to her fears that they are done, begging him to make love to her one last time, tears filled my eyes. It was like losing a piece of my own heart. In truth, I considered her better off without him at first, yet love is supposed to conquer all so when he let go of his anger and surrendered to her, my heart flipped over as hope rekindled.

This tale is a short and touching story of loyalty and lust that you won’t want to miss. Love on the Side of the NJ Turnpike gets 5.0 Cherries!

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