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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Magical Story by Shayne Carmichael

A Magical Story by Shayne Carmichael
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (50 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Statice

As an indentured slave to the worst magician in the land, Hawk hates his life. When he suddenly finds himself matched in a duel with the one of the most famous wizards in Aurora, Hawk is in way over his head.

In less than one match, Hawk finds his life completely changed, and he now belongs to the wizard, Brael. Regardless of the fact Hawk has adored Brael since his youth, he's now a grown man and things are different. But are they really?

When his former master, Ejada, plots to kill the king and have Brael blamed for it, Hawk must go way beyond his limits to try to save the king and mage. If he doesn't, Brael will die. And if he succeeds, he'll probably be the one to die.

Once upon a time a little boy was safe and secure in the love of his grandfather and the friendship of a mage/necromancer called Brael. Fast-forward fifteen years and all that security has been exchanged for a life of servitude to Master Simon.

That boy was now a young man who had indeed lost a lot. All that he had left were his memories of his grandfather and the mage Brael, who held a special place in his heart. That and the Seer’s Medallion gifted him by his grandfather on his sixth birthday. Hawk hadn’t seen the mage since his birthday, and now due to the ambition of his owner he must fight in the Annual Masters Tournament -- against the man he finds himself attracted to.

Can Hawk and Brael both survive Simon and his machinations to proclaim their love for each other? Will they finally admit to each other that they really do love each other? Or will they end up losing each other just as they had found one another?

For a short story there was a lot going on – the back story of the animosity between Brael and Master Simon, the attempt on the king’s life, and then the main story of the developing relationship between Brael and Hawk. I did however feel that there was much that could have been expanded on – the prophecy about Hawk was one thing. This was mentioned, but only briefly and then not really utilized in the story and the reader was left wondering exactly what the prophecy was and exactly how it fit into the story and the final confrontation.

Apart from that, the relationship between Brael and Hawk moved very quickly to the physical but both characters hesitated in professing their love for each other – this love/attraction for each other needed to be further explained and developed for the reader to really feel that it wasn’t just a tool in the story line.

Mr. Carmichael has a gift for drawing pictures with his words and I could easily imagine the world and the characters he crafted so carefully. I loved the world created by him. It was an interesting world of talking wands, shadows and other normally inanimate objects that had their own character. This added a new dimension to what could otherwise just have been the usual fantasy story with a relationship thrown in for good measure. I certainly hope that there are more stories to come based on the amazing world that Mr. Carmichael has created!

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