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Monday, April 12, 2010

Pan's Legacy by Viola Grace

Pan’s Legacy by Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (81 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Sex/Play, Mild BDSM, Spanking
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

One of the Terran Volunteers, Pandora Smythe has gotten a surprising welcome to space. Taken from her home world, she is tossed into a survival situation on an alien planet and forced to fight for life as best she can. When her captors believe she is ready, she is taken to another world and becomes a pit fighter.

Granted the chance to meet her captors, surprised is a mild word for her reaction as Huek K'ptain and T'nker Biel confront her to let her know that the tales her grandfather told of an eternal fairy and evil captain were not his imagination. Pandora has something that they want…and she has no idea what it is.

Could you live up to the legacy of Peter Pan?

Pandora Smythe must realign the beliefs of all her grandfather ever told her, when she learns that his stories were not just tales told to amuse a child. Taken from all she’s ever known, trained to fight in an arena of strange beings, Pandora realizes she has to be strong or lose herself.

When she meets those who brought her to the distant world where she has become a champion, she gets another shock. For these are none other than Huek K'ptain and T'nker Biel. They want something from her--something Biel is willing to kill her for. Can Pandora discover what is behind all the animosity shown her by Biel? What is so important, and why are these two so sure she has it? Can Pandora convince Huek that she is not what he thinks she is? And why is she so drawn to him, anyway?

When I open a Viola Grace book, I’m never sure if I’m getting a space opera, a magical romance, or a hair-raising adventure. I do know that it will be engrossing and entertaining. With Pan’s Legacy, I found all three.

Pandora Smythe is the granddaughter of the legendary Peter Pan. But in Ms. Grace’s hands, this becomes much more than the children’s story we all know and love. Pan is a strong character, determined to be the master of her own fate. Fighting in the arena has taught her that in this world, winning is the only option. Pan wins more than she loses, and becomes the peoples champion. She may be strong, but she longs to know why she was taken from her Terran home and who is behind it all.

Huek K'ptain is the arena owner, and he has an agenda of his own. He held a grudge against her grandfather and, through a mysterious twist of fate, has been “asleep” for over fifty years. When the scheming fairy, T'nker Biel, wakes Huek with the news that he has managed to get Pan so that they can get their revenge, Huek is surprised to learn how much time has passed. Huek is an honest man, and is stunned to find that the Pan that Biel has taken is a woman. When Pan and Huek talk, the evil that Biel has done comes out. Of course Huek is the strong sexy hero, and the attraction between Pan and Huek is electric. This is a new and passion filled adventure from an author who always pushes the boundaries of weird to new levels. Do Pan and Huek discover in time what evil Biel has done? And do these two find their happy ever after? You will have to read Pan’s Legacy to get these and many more delightful answers. But be prepared for hot and delicious passion along the way.

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