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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Satisfy Me by Madison Scott

Satisfy Me by Madison Scott
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (40 pgs)
Other: M/F, Voyeurism, Light bondage
Rating: 5 cherries
Review by: Peppermint

Tyson Malone is being stalked by a ghost. Between bouts of calling him Sugar Lips and Hot Cakes, the apparition makes it her goal to get Ty together with his sexy neighbor, Maggie Jacobson. Unfortunately, for her, Ty doesn’t do the relationship thing. He does sex with a no relationship clause. One look at Maggie is all it takes to know she’s a relationship kind of woman.

Maggie is tired of living her life the way others dictate. When her mom leaves her a journal left behind by a grandmother she never met, Maggie is inspired. This brave woman lived her life by her own set of rules and Maggie is ready to do the same. After moving to a new town, she meets Ty, a man who inspires her in a whole new, very sexual way.

Taking control for the first time in her life, Maggie propositions him with a no strings affair. Soon they begin a journey to sexual satisfaction and bringing her fantasies to life.

Satisfied. That is the way Tyson and Maggie left me feeling.

While Ty tries to control himself so that he will not pursue his new neighbor, he has to deal with a ghost telling him to let go of his control and pursue the woman of his desires. As much as Ty would like to do just that, he cannot. He is a man only interested in sex with no strings. He knows his neighbor Maggie is the type of woman who is looking for a relationship he cannot offer her. Or is she?

If you are looking for a woman who is not happy with her life and looking to make drastic changes, meet Maggie. You will enjoy the fact that Maggie was a woman trying to find herself. It is invigorating, for not only me but many women, to see a female go out and get what she wants, no matter how she was raised to feel about her needs. Now if she can only convince her neighbor, Ty, she no longer wants to be that good girl everyone believes she should be.

I think the relationship between these two was perfect. The relationship started as just a spicy fling, but ended in a sensual romantic relationship. That does not mean the spice died down. Instead it grew with the intensity of their feelings. This was one sizzling story that woke up my adventurous side.

The plot in this story worked really well. It is not too often you get a love story where the man is actually the one who is broken, and not the female. Maggie came to Last Change knowing she wanted to change her life and needed something new. Ty was the one that had a hard time getting past who he was, to get to who he wanted to be. It was a nice change from the normal: man wanting woman, woman doesn’t know, but eventually gives in.

With the right type of characters and the perfect plot this story left me wanting more in a good way.

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