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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Turning Ash by Crymsyn Hart

Turning Ash by Crymsyn Hart
Publisher: Phaze Books
Length: Full Length (263 pgs)
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Bittersweet

After a year of talking, Ashling is finally going to meet Devlin in person. Devilishly handsome, he's haunted her dreams ever since she saw his picture. However, their first meeting doesn't go as planned. Nearly killed by a vampire hunter, Ashling is pulled into a dark world she never thought existed. One where vampires are real.

Devlin isn't the man he purports to be and Markus, his sire, has another agenda for Ashling. On the run from the hunters, she finds herself in a new city and a die-hard attraction to Markus that she can't shake. Trying to blend in and forget about vampires, she's dragged back into their blood soaked world. And then the hunters find her once more.

Will Devlin come to her rescue? Will Markus reveal his true intentions? Or will the hunters get what they really came for?

Vampires. Lately, they are all the rave. I’m a vampire lover, but even I was beginning to get a little tired. That was until I read Turning Ash by Crymsyn Hart.

Ms. Hart presents a dark vampire novel in a totally new light. The first thing that caught my attention was the realistic way in which she depicts the internet. Who hasn’t participated in forums, made internet friends or had an internet crush? I know I have. Then she starts to introduce Ashling, her main character, who is a psychic vampire. What was a psychic vampire? It wasn’t your ordinary sanguine vampire; it was something on a whole new level. By then, she had my full attention. My interest sparked even further when I discovered that Ashling wore glasses. Yes! Finally, a vampire that can’t see properly and struggles with her glasses. I sure can identify with that (right now my glasses keep slipping to the tip of my nose).

Then, Devlin appeared: long hair, pale complexion, tall, handsome and with strange powers. The tension began to grow until it suddenly, literally, exploded (I must say that was unexpectedly gross). All this emotion only on chapter one!

Completely hooked, I read on. Could it get any better? Yes. Markus appeared. Hot, with long hair and dashing green eyes he had a mysterious yet sweet air about him that basically screamed for me to read on and get to know him better.

However, exploration led to deceit, lies, riddles, evil (those hunters…) and a lot more tension that kept me on the edge of my seat. Things I did not like appeared. For example, Ashling’s cumuli of disasters is way too much at times, or her way of demonstrating thanks by kissing people out of the blue seemed a little out of character. The sexual build-up was excellent, but not the result. It was too fast and, in my opinion, lacked emotion. After so much tension and pain I was expecting a little more and was sadly disappointed. Finally, the end of the novel seemed incomplete. Yes, the romance was solved, but the subplot seemed to hang there, maybe for a part 2?

Still, those minor points did not ruin the overall effect of the novel. As someone that has moved and still moves inside Goth circles and can’t spend more than a few days without connecting to the internet, I loved the way Ms. Hart depicted some of Ashling’s feelings, and her views on the Internet. Ms. Hart definitely knows how to engage a reader’s attention and keep it throughout. She gave me a thoroughly enjoyable read and the hope that there are still fresh vampire tales to tell. Way to go Ms. Hart!

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