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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Waltz Me Through Time by Eileen Ann Brennan

Waltz Me Through Time by Eileen Ann Brennan
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Time Travel, Historical
Length: Short Story (95 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Stephanotis

Stanley Caldwell is ecstatic to finally locate his wife after losing her during a lively dance…but he’s not thrilled with what he finds!

She doesn’t remember the dance.

She doesn’t remember him.

She doesn’t remember she belongs in 1902…

Juliana Douglas has a workaholic boyfriend which is the source of her current frustration. When she sees him drove off to his job as a pilot she turns her attention to her store, an antique shop named Second Hand Rose which she also lives above. She’s working at the store when a man walks in carrying a trunk and asks if she wants to buy it. It has contents inside but he has no key. Always intrigued by something with a history, she agrees to buy it, hoping she can find a key that will unlock it.

When she does open it, she discovers newspaper clippings, a dance card, a rhinestone tiara and a shawl and a photo of a handsome couple named Mr. And Mrs. Stanley Caldwell III dancing at a wedding on February 21st, 1902. Juliana realizes that’s today’s date, if not the correct year.

Retiring to bed that night, she decides to wear the shawl from the trunk and hears music coming from downstairs. On investigating the noise, she has a dancing partner waiting for her. Stanley Caldwell knows her, but she can’t remember him. He’s also a time traveler and she’s his wife…

I’ll admit upfront that ever since I saw Somewhere in Time, I’ve had a weakness for time travel romances so it was my main motivation for reading this story. And I have to say, this one didn’t disappoint me.

I love the way the author planted the trunk in Juliana’s store. She had me guessing what was in there and would she be able to open it. The air of mystery made me want to read more. And once Juliana did open it, what and who was she going to find? And her discovering a photo of a couple who looked like they were in love really added to the story and gave it a nice romantic feel. Was it Juliana in another life? The characters were also interesting. And of course, time travel romances have the ultimate how are these two going to stay together? And this one was no exception.

It’s a cute story, a sexy read and short enough to enjoy in an hour or so.

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