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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hot Damn by HC Brown

Hot Damn by HC Brown
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (30 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

Returning to Vine Mountain Winery, Australia, after an absence of six years, Michael Slone is shocked to discover his homophobic father has made an impossible condition to his will, requiring Mike marries before inheriting $27.5 million. However, Michael is in lust with Jess Durum. Will he take the money or the man?

Sexy Australian men on a winery with creative uses for lip balm, what could be better?

When Michael returns home after his father’s death, he was expecting to inherit the family winery. He didn’t expect to have a marriage condition tacked onto his father’s will. Complicating matters is Jess, the winery’s hot and sexy foreman who remembers the attraction the two shared six years ago. Both men are willing to pick up where they left off and enter into new territory but must figure out how to deal with Michael’s complicated inheritance and their new relationship.

Hot Damn is a very apt title and the sexy cover works well to describe this fun, flirty romance down under in Australia. The plot blends romance, the classic theme of forced marriage for inheritance, and some steamy sex scenes. There is some great detail about the winery and the past history between the two young men. The sex scenes also are filled with steamy sex and creative lube – cocoa butter lip balm – so the quick pace helps this novella fly by in flirty entertainment.

The story itself is somewhat basic with the familiar concept of a gay man being forced to get married but there is a modern twist to lead to a happy ending. The characters are somewhat developed but due to the short space, they are never fully three dimensional. Instead the story relies on a lot of telling about their background to explain the almost instant love that happens between them. There is also some angst and emotional drama due to a misunderstanding but easily resolved and something I wish hadn’t been included. The story actually would have been better without it. However, it wasn't enough to put me off completely, and I did still enjoy the tale.

Overall for a quick, hot story Hot Damn does fill that niche. While it may not be an especially fresh plot, it’s an easy, fun, sexy and entertaining read.

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