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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Married a Dragon by Beverly Rae

I Married a Dragon (Para-Mates book 2) by Beverly Rae
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (172 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

Burn, baby, burn…

Para-Mates, Book 2

Chrissy Taylor doesn’t believe in a lot of things. Her life, and her career as a supernatural myth-buster, are ruled by logic and skepticism. Love at first sight? Forget it—until she’s swept off her feet by Mr. Tall, Dark and Mysterious.

The next thing she knows, she’s done the most illogical thing imaginable: run off to Vegas for a quickie marriage. And Mr. TD&M’s insatiable hunger for her body is starting to feel suspiciously like an attempt to make her the one thing she fears most. Pregnant.

Even though Kaine sets Chrissy’s world on fire—literally—she can’t resist embarking on her toughest debunking mission yet. She must unearth the truth about her new husband before desire consumes the last of her reason.

Kaine Delcaluca is withholding the fact that he’s a dragon, but time is of the essence. He desperately needs an heir to save his dynasty. Plus, he has an even bigger problem. The Scepter of Fire, the only weapon powerful enough to kill a dragon, has gone missing. If he fails to find it—and knock up his new bride—within the next few days, his people are doomed…

Puff the Magic Dragon has nothing on Kaine Delcaluca. This was my first dragon-shifter story and I have to say it was a nice introduction to this particular breed of shifters. Who would have thought a giant mythological creature could be so hot?

The plot of this story was jam-packed with not only external conflict but internal ones as well. I think the internal conflict Kaine and Chrissy both had to deal with made the story a much more interesting read. Kaine and his dire need to have an heir immediately, and Chrissy’s fear of having a child, made for some interesting discussions and arguments which really added to this story.

At the beginning of this story I did find the relationship a little unbelievable. Kaine and Chrissy meet under mysterious circumstances and immediately fall head over heels in love and get married the same night. To me the depth of the feelings just developed way too quickly. I do not know anyone who can say the meet their spouse and was so immediately in love with the other they were willing to sacrifice everything including their self. I will say though, after you get past the initial unrealistic feelings, the relationship does develop at a more realistic pace especially after Chrissy finds out what she truly married.

Because this is a longer story, not only do you get the sensual/sexy side of the relationship, but also the sweet side. You can tell once Kaine and Chrissy fully understand one another, they are willing to do anything for the other's happiness and safety. And although they may fight quite a bit in the beginning, the making up always seems to be fun afterwards.

The conflict between the villains also made this story intriguing. The fact that Tuo and Sabrina cannot trust one another just made their roles exciting. Who wouldn’t love bad guys whose only loyalty is to themselves. The dynamic plot with twists and turns around every corner had me reading this story into the wee hours of the night. An entertaining read that I enjoyed.

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