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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Spy Who Snagged Me by Dakota Cassidy

The Spy Who Snagged Me by Dakota Cassidy
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (249 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Cholla

Take a peek inside for super spies (okay, so there's some bumbling involved), super villains (think realllly evil), and one super ghost hunter (with gadgets and stuff, oh, my) plus some super, smokin' hot romance!

James Bondage: An abandoned warehouse, some fancy spy gadgets and two spies vying for the same spy coup. Oh, and a pair of handcuffs...

Blunder Woman: Deep in the heart of the city, evil lurks -- and it wishes Captain Daring dead. One woman alone can save him. Err, right after she graduates from Hero Bootcamp...

Jane's Blonde: When her sister Cindy goes missing, retired -- and newly divorced -- washed-up ex-international spy Jane Blonde gets a call from her old boss. But there's a catch. Alejandro Estes wants back into her bed. And her life.

Who Ya Gonna Call?: What's a guy to do when a hot babe has a ghost that needs busting? Yep -- you guessed it. Gustavo's going in and taking no prisoners... except maybe Devon Masters...

Who knew spies, superheroes and the like could be so amusing? Apparently Dakota Cassidy had a darn good idea. This collection of short and hysterical stories will change the way you look at them all while making you ever more curious about what they do during their down time. The Spy Who Snagged Me is a collection of short stories involving spies, superheroes and ghost busters and a whole lotta laughs. So, sit back and prepare to giggle.

James Bondage starts off this great collection of stories by Dakota Cassidy. When veteran agent Cindy Crisco discovers that the new agent on the block is after her job, she decides it’s time to step up her game by getting a jump on the next mission. Little does she expect that her competition has the same idea. This was a bang-up start to the collection. Fun, steamy and laugh a minute for sure. I love that Agent Crisco is an ex-beauty queen with cellulite. Not something you’d normally find in a spy. And her competition, James Bonde, is sexy, determined, and just as sassy as she is.

Following hot on the heels of James Bondage we get the longer and even steamier story, Blunder Woman. Kennedy is whisked away from her mediocre day job in the mailroom and coerced into being OOMPH’s next big thing. Unsure of herself and even less sure of her abilities, Kennedy has a long way to go before becoming Thunder Woman. I loved Kennedy’s personality – once she was convinced that this was what she needed to do, she refused to let anything or anyone – not even the hot and intimidating Captain Daring – stand in her way. She’s a master at picking herself up, pulling her act together, and pushing forward. It was also nice to have a semi-insecure hero as well in Captain Daring. He wasn’t completely incapacitated by his past, but he was hindered by it in a way, and that was refreshing for me. All too often, the heroine is the only one carrying any sort of baggage. This was definitely a step up in the steam-o-meter as well, as it was packed full of intense and sexy love scenes. Blunder Woman is a definite home run.

We return to No Stone Unturned, the agency that employs Cindy Crisco, in this third story, Jane’s Blonde. Cindy and her new partner, James Bonde, have gone missing and it’s up to Cindy’s sister, Jane, to find them. Jane is older and wiser than her sister, Cindy from the first story. She’s also a retired agent. So, when she returns for this one last mission to find her sister, she discovers a lot about herself that she’d much rather leave a mystery. And more than the simple fact that she’s gotten older and out of shape – she’s forced to confront the man that ran out on her seven years prior. Jane really has it together, recovering from her past mistakes and moving on with her life, even when that entails making more mistakes. Of the four stories, Jane’s was my favorite. It was a much more well-rounded story with a ton more action – both the regular and the steamy variety. I also loved the whole setting of a beauty pageant for the second half of the action. It made for a lot of fun and a different setting than I’m used to seeing.

We wrap up this fun collection of stories with Who Ya Gonna Call. Devon Masters has a problem – a kinky ghost with a penchant for sexy underwear is inhabiting her apartment. She calls the first ghost buster she finds in the yellow pages and invites him in… and invites more than she had planned. I think the best part of this story has to be Gus’ internal dialogue. He’s always talking to himself and it cracks me up. I guess if you have to talk yourself out of something you might as well be amusing while you do it, right? I also love the idea of a well-meaning, meddling ghost playing matchmaker. It’s a fun idea sure to instigate many many giggles and a whole lot of hot loving. Who Ya Gonna Call has simply the best ending of all four of these stories, it made me giggle and say, “Aww,” at the same time. And not only is it the perfect way to end a story, it’s a great end to the collection as well, bringing it to a happily satisfying end.

If you’re in the mood for some fun with your intensely gratifying love scenes, then Dakota Cassidy is the woman for you. And if you happen to want a little suspense and action to go along with all that steam and humor, then The Spy Who Snagged Me is the perfect collection. Filled with fun stories about spies, superheroes and more, it’s sure to bring a laugh to your life and a sigh to your lips. Absolutely one of the funniest, zaniest, and sexiest series of stories I’ve read in a long time. You can’t miss with this!

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