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Friday, May 14, 2010

Two-Week Trial by Missy Jane

Two-Week Trial by Missy Jane
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (111 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Hi. My name is Mari. I’m of average height, average weight, average looks and I hold an average position at Hardy’s All Goods, my personal version of retail hell. To sum up, I’m nothing special. So why has Devon Campbell, the city’s Most Eligible Bachelor—and my unrequited high-school crush—suddenly crashed back into my life, claiming I’m the one who got away?

Devon can’t possibly want to keep me for the long haul, right? My screwed-up past is enough to make anyone run screaming in the opposite direction. Still, he’s determined I give him a chance…and I’d be crazy to turn down his offer of a two-week trial.

What’s a girl to do when offered two-weeks to spend quality time with the hottie from high-school that she never forgot? Three words…Go For It!!!

This is the ultimate real-life fantasy for almost every girl that felt like the official school wall flower. Mari’s life is a bit transient thanks to bad foster parents. She never guessed that the one guy that had caught and held her attention during her sophomore year, not only noticed her buy honestly wanted to get to know her. As luck would have it she moved away again before he could work up the nerve to ask her out. Fast forward a few years and imagine the breathless encounter of having that dream guy track her down and ask her to dinner.

I was totally blown away with the chemistry between Mari and Devon. He is so determined that she see him as a real person rather than the “Most Eligible Bachelor”. Devon truly and honestly wants to be with Mari and give her a happily ever after. I couldn't have asked for a better hero. Devon’s personality and the sheer effort he puts into making Mari happy left me completely breathless and close to tears at times. He is my candidate for the ultimate sweeps-her-off-her-feet Prince Charming.

Ms Jane did a terrific job of creating “real” characters. Mari has insecurity as well as trust issues. She can’t seem to figure out why Devon is so determined to win her over. At the same time there is a part of her that wants so bad for this to be real, for him to be real. Mari is spunky and the dialogue between her and Devon is often humorous and engaging. One of the unique aspects of Ms. Jane’s story is that half of the hot and steamy action takes place in Mari’s dreams. Let me tell you she dreams in Technicolor.

I will be watching and waiting to see what Ms. Jane offers next. Two-Week Trial serves as my very first 5 Cherry rating, for a short story that I just couldn’t put down and characters that drew me in from start to finish. Bravo Ms. Jane!

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Missy Jane said...

Thank you! I'm still blushing from your glorious review and ecstatic that you liked my story. Mari and Devon have been two of my favorite characters.