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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Warder’s Merman by Viola Grace

The Warder’s Merman by Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (65 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Beatrix Warder has spent her adult life avoiding this precise moment. In a flurry of panic, she made a choice and it landed her neck deep in the ocean, facing her worst nightmare. Hector was very good looking, for a merman, but he was also her husband and she had now come to him. When they had wed, she had been young and he had been willing to wait until she made the effort to join him under the sea. Bea isn't happy with the end of her dry land life, but with a little bit of effort, Hector is willing to show her there is more to the wet world than fins and a tail.

Imagine being cursed to die an early death, with the only way to survive being to wed before your sixteenth birthday. This was Beatrix Warder’s predicament, and at the age of almost sixteen, she wed the merman Hector. They wed with the understanding that Hector would wait for Bea to choose to come to him on her own, but once she made the decision, she would stay forever under the sea with him.

Who knew a demon attack fourteen years later would be the catalyst to send her to Hector’s domain? Can Bea learn to live beneath the sea and become a true wife to her husband? Can she survive the conversion that will enable her to live under water? Will Hector feel the wait was worth it?

The mind of Viola Grace produces some of the most intriguing characters to ever inhabit books. The world of the Warders is always filled with adventure and love, and this story is no exception. There are adventures, dangerous creatures and a new race of people to meet.

This is a slightly different type of Warder Tale, in that the wedding comes long before the relationship. Beatrix was the recipient of the family curse, being the eldest child of her father, and early marriage was the only way to stop the curse. Hector was the only prospect willing to wait until she was ready, seeing as how he was already two hundred years old.

I love the strength of character Bea shows: first accepting that she must either marry or die, then she is dropped, literally, into a strange new world under the sea. I enjoyed watching how Bea faced each new challenge: learning to swim with a tail, learning to breathe under the water, and learning the secret of sex with a merman. I laughed at Bea’s missteps as she discovers that up becomes down when you have a tail, and that you need to be careful what you think, since everyone can “hear” what you “say”.

Hector is strong, handsome and patient beyond what most bridegrooms would be, waiting fourteen years for his wedding night and his bride. It is no surprise that once they finally do get together, they set the water boiling with their passion.

I enjoyed seeing the difficulties inherent in living and loving under the sea, and the adjustment Bea has to make in becoming Mer royalty. Once Bea takes the plunge, literally, Hector is determined to make sure the transition from human to mermaid goes well. It was sweet to see.

This is one of the more unique stories in the Warder series. I have to recommend it to anyone looking for some magic, romance and fun in their life.

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