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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last Call Europe: Dog Sled by Selena Illyria

Last Call Europe: Dog Sled by Selena Illyria
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (90 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Werewolf Silvano wants a break from the drama in pack business. A night out is exactly what he needs. He doesn't count on his rival's familiar Hexuba strolling into Last Call.

Black cat shifter and wizard's familiar Hexuba has always wanted Silvano even though he's the enemy. One night is all she asks to indulge her wildest fantasies with him. Come morning she'll be gone.

Will one night be enough?

Pack politics weigh heavily on alpha Silvano, and he needs some respite from it all. He heads to Last Call, the Rome branch of the bar where paranormals go to relax and peacefully coexist. One night, and he will return to the ritual search for a mate. He didn’t count on Hexuba, cat shifter, familiar and woman of his deepest desires showing up to fulfill his wishes.

Hex has wanted Silvano for years, but sees this as her one chance to have him for just one night. As the familiar to Turk, an ex-pack member and former friend of Silvano, she is supposed to spy on him, not desire him. There are intrigues afoot, and nothing is as it seems. Can Silvano get Hex out of his system in just one night? Once Hex “scratches her itch” with Silvano, will she be able to walk away? Between the two of them, can they solve the mystery of who is really behind all the tricks and deceptions before it is too late for them?

I love the Last Call books, because you never know what to expect. Hexuba is a strong, sexy woman, tricked into becoming the familiar of Turk. She wants nothing more than to be with Silvano, and not because she has been ordered to spy on him. She is determined to have just one night with Silvano, and she does what it takes to get it.

Silvano is under orders to find a mate or lose his pack. He would love nothing more than to take what Hex offers, but he wants more with her than she feels she can give. Silvano is the strong, handsome alpha of his pack, but antiquated laws and regulations that make no sense in the modern world frustrate him.

I loved the hidden agendas of the many characters, and the surprise of who was the real “bad guy” behind it all. I found the character development in this one to be excellent, and laughed at the idea of an alpha werewolf choosing a cat as his mate. I know life for these two will never be dull. I recommend this one for those who like suspense and mystery, with a touch of irony included. Was Hex all he hoped she would be? Read this one to find out.

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cinquetta said...

I want this book. It has interesting plot. It's different! I cannot wait to find out how they solve their problems.