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Monday, June 21, 2010

Never Tease a Wolf by LA Day

Never Tease a Wolf by LA Day
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (48 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Tiger Lily

A harem outfit and a flogger? Sounds like a party. That’s why Jenny chose them as the key ingredients in her plan of seduction. For two years she has worked for Damianos Alexander, but tonight at the costume party she’s determined to become more than his secretary. Tonight, she’ll take that sexy male animal home—to her bed.

Damianos always gets what he wants, and he wants Jenny. She’s half naked, her body undulating in the movements of an ancient dance. Tempting every man in the room, including him. Too bad she doesn’t realize she’s tempting a wolf. Once she unleashes his feral side, there is no turning back.

A little wine, a little dancing, and a flogger. Some people know and others have yet to learn, Never Tease a Wolf.

This is my first LA Day story and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. The blurb caught me immediately; a lycan and the lady he wants. Interesting. What I wasn’t expecting was the little touches that really kept me in the story. I liked that Damon was a naturally hairy guy—it kept me in his character, even if hairy guys aren’t my thing. I could relate to the heroine being attracted to him for who he is, not his social standing or anything else. I loved how they ribbed each other as well. They traded fun snark easily and it was comical to read.

The sex in this story was — hot. I felt their passion as if it was my own and darned if it wasn’t satisfying. Even when they weren’t real thrilled with each other, I could still tell they loved each other. Damon knew who he wanted and her added enticement of the flogger was enough to tell him, yeah, she was interested in him too. The flip-flopping on her part got a bit trite, but it worked for her character. She wasn’t sure a lycan could love a human. The point is relevant in today’s culture, as well.

If you want a scintillating read like nothing before, then you need to read Never Tease a Wolf. This is one I won’t forget. I give it 4.5 cherries.

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