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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pack Mentality by Julia Talbot

Pack Mentality by Julia Talbot
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (169 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/M, F/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

Pack Mentality: Alpha Bites
Sasha, the dark-eyed Russian, or Liam, the red-headed Irishman -- Jenny just can't choose. They're both amazing lovers. They're also both strong alpha wolves. It's Sasha who finally decides the three of them will make a fine pack. Now all he has to do is convince them both...

Pack Mentality: Myra's Mate
Myra has had the worst luck with men. Even when Colin's pack mates Sasha and Liam assure him that Myra is the girl for him he's reluctant to say the least. He certainly doesn't expect to find her secrets so incredibly intriguing. Can these two turn a blind date into a lifetime mating?

Pack Mentality: Big Bad Wolf
Kamen loves the day-to-day business of running his pack, but he's lonely and bored, and Steve smells like the perfect mate. But when the two of them get together, the pack turns on Kamen, challenging his alpha status, and his love for Steve. Is Kamen enough of a big bad wolf to keep them safe?

Pack Mentality: Natural Selection
Ryan is happy working as a park ranger and living with his big bear of a lover, Loyal, but wolves are social creatures, and he misses having a pack of his own. The new pack in town has been burned before, and Kamen and the others are willing to live and let live, but when Loyal gets kidnapped, will the pack throw in with Ryan and help save him?

This author has a gift when it comes to creating exciting characters. Once I started reading the first story I quickly made my way through the rest because I had to know what they were going to do next. It also helped that all of the stories followed the Colorado Springs Pack. So each story incorporated the characters from the previous story, and many of the characters were introduced in the previous story so that the flow was continuous.

Pack Mentality: Alpha Bites

This story is about Jenny who is currently dating two separate men. Little does she know that Sasha not only knows she is seeing another man, but is trying to figure out a way for all three of them to be one happy sexual pack. I would like to have seen the fact that they where werewolves play a little bigger part in the story. It seemed to only affect the story in the fact that Liam and Sasha could smell another man on Jenny. Other than that I don’t think it really added as much as it could have. One thing that I did find intriguing about this particular story was the fact that Liam seems to be the one with reservations once things are discovered. In many of these stories both men seem to be on the same page but the woman is the one with the concerns, so it was a nice little twist.

Pack Mentality: Myra’s Mate

I absolutely adore Myra and Colin. I like the fact that Myra is such a free spirit and completely different from not only the pack but the type of female that Colin would normally go for. Colin is able to not only look past the fact that Myra is completely opposite from the type of female he normally goes for, but also he is able to look past the fact that his roommate Steve claims something is seriously wrong with her and no man should ever go near her. And when these two people get together-- wow, do they get hot and heavy!

Pack Mentality: Big Bad Wolf

In this story we get to follow the budding relationship between Pack Alpha Kamen and Steve. Not only do you see the development within their relationship, but also the disapproval of the direction Kamen is taking that pack by some of the other werewolves. Kamen is definitely an alpha male while Steve still needs direction in his life. So the fact that these two can come together and help one another see a different side of themselves is great. But don’t worry, all of the characters from the previous storie are well-intertwined in this story also. Of all four stories this one definitely had the best plot.

Pack Mentality: Natural Selection

This story introduces two new characters Ryan and Loyal. Unlike the two previous stories, you do not know these characters prior to the story. Ryan is a wolf shifter while Loyal is a Bear shifter. Since in the previous story Kamen, Steve, Myra, Colin, Jenny, Liam and Sasha left the pack to move to a new area they meet Ryan and Loyal. Where the previous stories focused mostly on the couple that particular story was about, in this one it went back and forth between the previous characters and the couple in this story. I think this took away from Ryan and Loyal, so I was not able to connect with them as well as I had with the other characters. I do think this story wrapped up the entire book well, since by then you know the outcome of all of the characters.

There was an inconsistency that I found within this book. They mention in the first and second story that Myra can shift into any organic/living thing including plants, but she will remain that way for the entire three days of the full moon. In the last story Myra takes the form of Colin the first evening of the full moon, but becomes Ryan the second evening and returns to herself in the morning. It confused me a bit, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the stories.

Yummy alpha males are all over this book. It is one of the reasons I enjoy weres so much. Each of these stories has at least one alpha male if not two. And although they exude power and authority they are willing to bend in order to make their partner or partners happy. No man or woman is safe around these shifters. This was a collection I enjoyed. I give it four cherries.

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