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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sexy Beast by Sherri L King

Sexy Beast by Sherri L. King
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave - Twilight
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (72 pgs)
Other: M/F, Forced Seduction, Voyeurism
Rating: 3 cherries
Reviewed by Wisteria

Be careful what you wish for…

When Angel’s car dies at a crossroads, during a full moon, at midnight no less, she fervently wishes the clunker will restart and wheeze the few remaining miles to her home. And along comes Otto, a sexy beast who “fixes” the car and takes his payment in trade—Angel’s body, naked and ready on the hood of her old Diablo. That’s what devils do, after all. Trade. But Angel learns of her mistake too late. While a supernatural car with a permanently undying engine is great and all, her body is a pretty steep price to pay.

Too bad that’s not all Otto wants.

Sexy Beast is a short story that follows Angel, an independent, self-assured young woman who enjoys her friends close and her lust at arm's length. Otto, a shady man, lurking on the fringes of humanity, appears and strikes a deal with Angel and her friends, the connection between the two of them is too strong to deny.

Sexy Beast pulled me in from the start. Angel is an understandable, undeniably attractive character. She struggles with money, being independent and her job as being a female mechanic. Truly, my first impression was she didn’t need a man. Her character is well-written and well-defined by her actions. Her thoughts about her car breaking down and the back story of how she got to the crossroads she’s broken down in are well formulated. But when Otto is introduced, the plot takes a fun, albeit sudden turn in the opposite way I was expecting.

When Otto suddenly appears out of the dark night, he's disheveled and dirty. Not exactly the irresistible Romeo I expected, however, it’s quickly explained that Angel and Otto have history, physical history, that is still fanning the flames of the desires of both of them. Angel has longed to see Otto again, almost wished to see him again, and when she needs him most he appears. But as the intro to the book says, be careful what you wish for. Otto’s reappearance begins a host of strange thoughts, dreams, feelings and emotions that Angel is seriously not equipped to deal with.

I enjoyed when the big reveal of what Otto was came and how Angel did everything she could to keep him out, but Otto, being devilishly addicting, was able to continue to lust after her and cause her to lust after him — even though she didn’t want to. There were a few things in the story that I felt were confusing, such as the terms of the world were not clearly defined (the best friend has an ex-zombie fiancée), and some terms were overused (i.e. ‘her sex’). However, the story is a quick, fun, passionate read.

Sexy Beast is filled with passionate, paranormal sex, lust and hunger. Otto is a great character to crave more of (and I did!). Angel is not your typical ‘angel’ — no wings included — instead she uses her worldly charms to inflame the devil's desires. This story is perfect for anyone looking for a teasing, taunting relationship, candid interludes and a short escape from the everyday. I give this novel 3 cherries.

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