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Monday, June 7, 2010

Wild Rekindled Love by Sandy Sullivan

Wild Rekindled Love (Wilder Series book 4) by Sandy Sullivan
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (163 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

Jamie walked away from her love for Wyatt for the sake of his career as a physician even though she carried his child. When she runs into him at the local emergency room, she can’t believe her eyes, but her heart knows she never stopped loving him. Can she let him back into her life for the sake of their daughter?

Wyatt knew he would return to Laramie when he finally finished school. He never stopped loving Jamie, but she pushed him away and insisted she didn’t love him. He wasn’t sure he could forgive her for shutting him out of their daughter’s life. When they come face-to-face again, he can’t walk away, not from Jamie nor from his daughter.

Will they be able to get past the disappointments and tears to rekindle their love or will old hurts kill the feelings that still linger in their hearts?

Wyatt Crossland would do anything to get back to the two woman he left nine years ago even if it meant facing all of the fears and anger left behind also. He is determined to not only win the heart of the daughter he was never given an opportunity to know, but also the heart of his first and only love, Jamie Wilder. Now if he can just get past not only Jamie’s reservations, but also her family.

The first thing that drew me to this story was the fact that the plot was somewhat based around the child Jamie and Wyatt shared. In so many romance/erotica stories there is usually no child or, if they happen to have one, it is only briefly mentioned. When I read the blurb about this story I could tell that the daughter would play an important role in the couple reuniting I couldn’t help but smile. As I read the story I was not disappointed. Samantha was definitely integral part in not only the story, but in getting her parents back together. It was absolutely refreshing to see an author involve a child in the plot and she executed it perfectly.

I think the thing I liked best about the characters was how realistic they are. It almost seemed as if the author based the story off of a real couple that she knows. I mean, we all have regrets that we wish we could go back and change, right? Luckily for Wyatt and Jamie, though they couldn't change the past, the had the opportunity to insure that they made up for their mistakes in the future. This story allows the hopeless romantic in all of us believe that if something was meant to be, it can definitely happen.

I do feel it is necessary to mention that although at the time this story takes place Wyatt and Jamie are adults they do conceive their child when Jamie was seventeen and Wyatt was twenty. There is a scene within this story that Wyatt looks back to when he found out about Jamie being pregnant and it contains an extremely detailed sex scene between the two. I know this may be touchy for some since Jaime wasn't a legal adult, but I felt this scene really helped me as a reader understand the depth of the relationship the characters once shared and how difficult it was for both to lose each other at such a young age.

This story evoked feelings from me that a story has not done in a long time. There are moments in this story when I could feel my eyes begin to burn from unshed tears while other times I could not help but smile brightly. This story certainly had all of the key elements to make it a great and memorable contribution to Wilder Series.

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Beth D. Carter said...

Sounds like a great novel! Thanks!