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Monday, July 12, 2010

Because It’s True by Willa Okati

Because It’s True by Willa Okati
Publisher: Loose, Id
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/M, anal sex
Length: Full Length (164 pgs)
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Jasmine

Believing in love and in luck is something Gavin swore he’d never do again -- until he meets Ford. After being left at the altar by his former fiancé, he's a firm disbeliever in good fortune and love. Though there’s an immediate attraction between himself and Ford, they're just too different to make a relationship work. The sex is explosive and despite himself Gavin even grows to like Ford’s quirky sense of humor and skewed view of life. Isn’t that good enough?

Not for Ford. A happy-go-lucky diviner of fortunes and omens, he’s sure from what he’s seen that Gavin is the love of his life and the man he’ll marry. He makes it his mission to overcome Gavin’s doubts and fears and teach him how to love again. Never giving up in his enthusiastic pursuit of the once-burned twice-shy secretary, he brings Gavin back to life and helps restore him to the man he used to be.

Ford makes Gavin want to believe in love again. But when Ford begins to lose his faith, it’s up to Gavin to save the magic they have between them and blaze the trail toward their happily ever after.

Because It’s True is the first book I’ve read by author Willa Okati and I must admit that she rocked my world. I instantly fell in love with Ford and Kayla, especially their brotherly/sisterly bantering and the way Ford taught her to read the signs, which brings up a good question. Do you believe in signs and all that fate has in store for you? That’s exactly what Gavin “the nonbeliever” finds himself questioning the longer he’s with Ford.

Although this is an endearing story that will touch your heart and at times make you want to scream at both characters, it didn’t start out that way. Gavin believes in nothing and no one after the way he’s been hurt by a former lover, which makes for a rocky start in his and Ford’s relationship, if that’s what you want to call it. So, how do you get a nonbeliever to believe in Happily Ever After? That’s where Ford and Kayla enter the picture. Ford believes in fate and all the signs sent to him by the Gods and what the Gods are telling him is that he’s going to marry Gavin. Now, he just has to convince Gavin of that.

The dynamics between these four characters and I say four because although Kayla is set up as a secondary character, she has an unbelievable, yet wonderful presence in Because It’s True. The fourth character that plays a major role is the signs. Yes, the signs. I know that it sounds crazy, but you really must read this wonderful story to understand what I mean and that’s all I’m saying because I don’t want to give the plot of the story away.

The sexual tension between Ford and Gavin is at times like riding a see-saw. One minute Gavin is all hot and bothered and can’t wait to have Ford in his bed. The next, he’s confused by his feelings and is somewhat standoffish. There are times that you want to scream at both of them and say snap out of it. But when they finally embrace their desires the passion between these two is smoldering and you can’t help but root for Ford to win Gavin’s heart, mind, body and soul.

Ms. Okati will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride with these two that will make you laugh, cry, and have to change your panties after reading about the explosive sex. If you’re looking for a well-written, heartfelt story about love, loss, but most importantly trust and believing in one another enough to stick it out through the good and bad times, then Because It’s True is definitely the book for you. I’d definitely recommend this sexy story that’s full of “surprising twists” to my friends. Bravo Ms. Okati! You’ve hit a homerun with Because It’s True. I hope that you’re working on a story for Kayla because I’d like to know more about her. (Hint! Hint!)

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