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Friday, July 16, 2010

Dirty Deeds by Eliza Gayle

Dirty Deeds by Eliza Gayle
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Other: Spanking, Bondage, Anal Play, M/F
Length: Short Story (74 pgs)
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Jasmine

As a newly turned demon, Melody loves being a bad bad girl. Sex is her weapon and she knows how to use it. But when her boss demands five souls in five days, she’s in an awful fix. Desperate to find those souls, in as easy a way possible, she heads for the Dungeon: the hot new BDSM club in town where she’s bound to find just the kind of man she’s looking for.

Drake is the Master here in the Dungeon. Anything and everything he wants is for the taking…until he meets Melody. But despite his need to master the strong willed demon, he harbors a secret that threatens their bond, Melody’s soul, and even immortality.

Most people don’t consider demons sexy, but then again, they’ve never read Eliza Gayle’s Dirty Deeds because it's sexy-as-sin. Or, maybe sinfully sexy.

Abandoned by her “soon-to-be” lover without a word, Melanie decides that her looks are what drove him away. Determined to never suffer such hurt and embarrassment again, she decides to sell her soul to none-other-than Harold, “The Devil” himself. Her wish is to become a sexy vixen that any man would want in his bed and although Harold comes through with her wish, Melody, aka Melanie, has a few problems living up to her end of the bargain. So, when she’s been summoned to the big man’s office and given five days to collect five souls or suffer the pits of hell…literally, what’s a girl to do?

Determined to meet her quota, Melody returns to a new BDSM club to collect her second soul only do discover Drake, the would be lover who abandoned her without a word. Drake is sex personified and warms Melody up in all the right places. But there’s a twist, even though Melody recognizes Drake, he doesn’t recognize her. Will she accomplish her task of collecting another soul, or will The Dom in Drake master his perfect little submissive?

The moment Drake lays eyes on Melody he stakes his claim and makes it clear to everyone in the club that she belongs to him. The connection between these two is intense from the beginning and the scene where Drake introduces Melody to the BDSM scene is explosive. It’s obvious these two were made for each other, but both are hiding secrets that threaten to destroy everything, even their Happily Ever After.

Ms. Gayle does an excellent job of providing flashbacks into Melody (aka Melanie) and Drake’s past so that the reader gains more insight about their relationship. I also enjoyed how she leaves you hanging on the edge in regards to Drake’s Endgame and the role that Melody will play in order for it to be successful.

It’s obvious as these two rediscover one another that they were willing to make sacrifices in order for the other to live a happy life. However, you can’t control fate, which is something these two learn the hard way. Now, Harold, is the typical Devil and there’s really nothing sexy about him, but as a villain, you’ll love to hate him. I also enjoyed how Ms. Gayle allowed us to witness the strength within Melody when it came time to choose her fate. In addition, Ms. Gayle does a wonderful job of allowing her characters to stay true to the story regardless of the consequences.

If you’re looking for a short, sexy story that packs a punch, will have you sitting on the edge of you seat in regards to what’ll happen next, and will set your soul on fire literally from the unbridled passion and sex between Melody and Drake, then Dirty Deeds is definitely the book to read. Who knew demons and Hell could be so appealing? I would definitely recommend Dirty Deeds by Eliza Gayle to my friends.

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Eliza Gayle said...

Thank you so much for the review! Glad you enjoyed Dirty Deeds. :)