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Friday, July 16, 2010

Double Time: Puppies Bite by Kate Hill

Double Time: Puppies Bite by Kate Hill
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (113 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Holly

On vacation Geri and Dee go swimming in a river, unaware that it's actually a portal to the planet Amazurn in a distant galaxy. They awake on an island where women lusting after rare alpha males indulge in sexual fantasies and gladiatorial sports.

In a world ruled by women, where dominant males are banished to the Alpha Islands, twins Iron and Rock earn their living as gladiators. They're training when they notice two women drowning in the sacred lake and dive in to help.

Saved by the two brothers, Geri and Dee can't resist their gorgeous rescuers, but on Amazurn, if a woman wants to keep her heart intact, she should never love a gladiator.

This was an interesting story. I loved the role reversal Kate Hill gives in this story. The men do the housework, tend the homes and take many roles usually occupied by women in society. It was fun to watch Geri and Dee try to fit in, but still follow earth traditions.

Geri has some baggage, and I loved watching her battle to overcome her fears and let Rock into her life, and her heart. I love how she grew as a person, and finally was able to accept what Rock offered her.

Dee is the athlete who wants more than competition in her life. On Earth, Dee had a school, and was a trainer, and she knows how much independence means to a person. She is drawn to the intense gladiator Iron, and I loved the way she was finally able to breach his defenses and make her way into his life.

Rock and Iron may be twins, but they are quite different in personality. Rock is the big handsome extrovert, doing modeling and is spokesman for the team, while Iron is a man of few words, preferring to let his actions speak for him. Both are handsome and sexy, and they are the team to beat in the gladiatorial field. I love that, although determined to earn enough to buy their freedom and get off the planet, they are really soft touches with big hearts, who can’t refuse to help a worthy cause. These two men won my admiration and then my heart with their wonderful actions.

Do Geri and Rock get their happy ever after, along with Dee and Iron? All I can say is if you want a fun read with some fun role reversals, and absolutely hilarious and imaginative character names, this one is for you. One warning, though, this has a happy for now, with more to come.

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