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Monday, July 26, 2010

Impassioned by Viola Grace

Impassioned: A Terran Times Novella by Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction
Length: Short (79 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Megan has been summoned to Essengar station in orbit above a planet she is not allowed to set foot on. No alien has the right to walk on that world. She meets her ex-partner in the psi-tracker corps and immediately is overrun with emotion. Einar stirs lust, longing, and when he tells her that he took their child out of stasis to be born in a surrogate, she feels fury.

Punishing him in the most direct way possible, she drains her immediate anger and they can begin the negotiations for Megan's his his wife.

I love the action in this Terran Times story. This is a love-reunited story and I enjoyed the way it played out. The characters are well crafted and compelling, and there is a wonderful amount of humor woven through the story as well.

Megan Bander has been summoned to a planet that no alien is allowed to set foot on. Orbiting above the planet Essengar, Megan wonders why the summons was issued by the high command. When she discovers that the leader of the Essengar people, the War Master, is her ex-partner, a man shared several years with as psi-trackers. In a matter of minutes, Megan goes through many different emotions: lust for Einar, followed by longing for what they could have had, followed close by raging fury when she learns that Einar took their unborn child from stasis and had a surrogate give birth to her. The warlike Essengar people must be convinced to accept Megan as the War Master’s choice for his bride, and so he and Megan must battle their way to his home from the landing site of the High Command’s shuttle. Will these two succeed in the mad dash to safety? When their child is threatened, will Megan do whatever it takes to protect her? Can these two find the happy ever after denied to them years ago?

Megan is one of the Terran volunteers: women of mixed bloodlines who can never return to their home world of Terra (Earth of the future) because of the contract they signed with the Alliance. Megan is courageous, intelligent, and dedicated to her career as a psi-tracker. She loved Einar, but had only one night in his bed-the night they conceived their daughter. I loved the nickname Megan earned in the book.

Einar is a fantastic hero, tall, strong, and a natural leader for his people. He knows what he wants and that is Megan as his wife and mother of their child. He will do whatever it takes to convince the Essengar people to accept his choice.

There are a couple of interesting surprises in this one, and there is some very hot sex in very different locales.

I am always entertained by the mind of Viola Grace, and this is one book I recommend for all who like their romance with some fun and a lot of action.

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