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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Strathulian Standing by Daisy Dexter Dobbs

Last Strathulian Standing by Daisy Dexter Dobbs
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (127 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Alone among a sea of bodies, Jia-Nian sets a funeral pyre, chanting over her dead brother. Bone-weary after suffering days of carnage, the last surviving Strathulian has been cruelly robbed of her people, her hopes, her dreams…her virginity.

When Aydon the Bold, Guardian of Zalvanus, spies a bloodied, mud-caked, half-naked woman at a clearing, the mournful wailings of the grieving female touch long-forgotten remnants of his battle-scarred heart. In an instant their destinies collide as Aydon saves Jia-Nian from certain death, unwittingly setting an ancient prophecy in motion.

Healing begins. Trust is built. Lust seizes. Passion ignites. While Jia-Nian, her handsome rescuer and his closest friend combat evil foes by day, their nights are spent sharing the exquisite joys of triad sex. The intense, passion-charged encounters nurture what becomes a soul-deep love so unparalleled, it is destined to change the fate of the world.

Three eyed monsters, magic and mayhem plague the land and two warriors and a lone woman are the key to saving their world. But first, they have to get to know one another, and what an exciting meet and greet that is.

This book takes place in another world reminiscent of our own time with the Knights Templar. Where warriors are trained to defend honor, integrity and are noble at heart and they use swords to do it. That’s pretty much the end of the similarity. The rest is pure fantasy with a healthy dose of robust and sexual appetites to sweeten the journey while magical evil doers spice up the plot.

Jia-Nian is the heroine, tiny in stature compared to the guys but big on determination, bravado and sheer stubbornness. Once she gets introduced to the sensual side of her nature, she more than matches the guys in her thirst for some seriously hot-and-bothered loving. She has the ability to stand by her men in a sword fight as well as introduce them to a very unique Strathulian massage technique that men in real life would be all agog over. She’s a mixture of innocence and defiance but she never does anything stupid. She’s an asset to her men.

Her men in question, Aydon and Danior, have a hard time coming to grips with a woman being an asset. It take a few skirmishes for them to realize or suspect that there is more to their feisty little woman than gratitude and a healthy sex drive. I met Aydon first, but it was a little while longer before I realized I’d met Danior already. This story is mostly fantasy set in an ancient backdrop, but there is a brief paranormal bent to it as well. Both guys have unique strengths and talents but they are both facing the realization that their friendship with each other will transcend to loving the same woman.

One of Ms. Dobbs’ talents is for writing scorching hot love scenes with a heavy erotic bent which she delivers with flying colors again in Last Strathulian Standing. If there’s opportunity, whether it be trees, water or fruit, it’s explored.

I guess my only cringe comes from some words used during the dialogue scenes. There were a few times early on where I felt some terms were out of place. It just didn’t compute with my brain as completely meshing with the feeling of the time. It jarred me a bit, or it made what was supposed to be a moment of seriousness into something a bit comical. Like a foreign film with subtitles. Other than that, I enjoyed the story, the characters and their tribulations.

There’s a mystical quality that gets introduced as well. I can’t stand books that refer to magical deities who never seem to care about those that worship them. The ones in this story care and I was pretty happy about that. But it got me to wondering too. Later in the story, some information is divulged about the planet’s history. It makes me wonder exactly who or what these deities could be and how they can do what they do. What does Ms. Dobbs have up her writer’s sleeve?

Last Strathulian Standing is an entertaining story of boys meet girl, they fight some bad guys, they discover the joys of carnal exploration and find out that destiny won’t be denied. Yes, there are some gruesome scenes and some bloodshed, but that’s all part of a warrior’s life. It’s the finding of love amongst the gore and mud and watching it blossom and grow that makes this romantic tale work. I’d recommend this story for readers who enjoy sensual spice along with their swordplay. It delivers.

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Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Thank you, Xeranthemum, for your wonderful review of Last Strathulian Standing. Your summary of the story was thoughtful and so nicely written.