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Friday, July 2, 2010

Necking Anthology by Various

Necking Anthology by Various
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Historical
Length: Full Length (310 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex, menage, m/m/m
Rating: 3.5 cherries
Reviewed by Cactus

Just close your eyes and feel: soft, warm lips skimming from your shoulder to your ear, your skin prickling and tickling. Then add another set, echoing the first, layer upon layer of sensation as two sets of hands join the game, stroking, sliding, ratcheting up the heat. And when your lips part and the tip of your tongue darts out, it's met by two more in a luscious, messy, three-way kiss. This is necking, pure and hot, sending shivers of arousal down your spine. In these stories, the men come in threes: triple the pleasure, triple the love.

Fifteen stories of hot gay sex, all involving threesomes. What more could you want? From sweet to funny to serious, these stories offer all kinds and types of men as they explore the potentially dangerous but elusive thrill of threesomes. The sex is non-stop and each of these raises the temperature so be sure to read this when you’re in the mood for hot, delicious man on man on man loving. The majority of stories are well written, interesting, with diverse men from all walks of life. While the themes tend to be similar, each story does a decent to good job of delivering a dual punch of sex and romance. Not all of the stories end in happy endings though and the majority are even happy for now, at best.

Almost all the stories are decent and there are none that stand out in a negative way. The sex tends to run together after a while, kind of making your eyes glaze over from too much erotica. The combination of body parts, repetitive scenes, and similar ideas is one of the major pitfalls of such a big collection. I mean there are only so many places for things to go and threesomes to happen so this is an inherent and predictable drawback. But also not a reason to avoid the collection, just perhaps read it bit by bit, story by story instead of devouring it in one sitting.

Some of the positive standouts are Snowbound by Jana Denardo, the lone historical set in an alternate reality of the 1930s with demons and hunters. The three hunters get stuck in a cabin during a snow storm and while the results are predictable, they’re also hot and entertaining. The world building here is the best of the collection and really stands out incredibly well with great descriptions and yummy men. Also of note is Perform for Me by Lori Toland, the sole D/s addition showing how a couple works to get their needs met by a third when they can’t satisfy each other. This is not only incredibly hot and squirm worthy but the emotion and real love between the men comes through as well, making a thoroughly sexy and fun read.

Additionally Breaking the Habit by Heidi Champa about three roommates that try to quit smoking and use sex as a distraction is perhaps one of the funniest. Smokers and ex-smokers will identify with the characters, their resolve, and some of the entertaining dialogue. This light and enjoyable story is a cute theme and easy fluff. This contrasts well to the heavier tone of Down the Middle by Heidi Cullinan talking about a couple on the verge of breaking up but finding potentially new ground with a sexy stranger. The emotion here is somewhat angsty and involving, making for a great note to tend the collection.

These are just four of the great stories offered in the collection and without a doubt there are many more worthy of mention. Of the fifteen none are horrible and they vary from easy, instant sex to emotion filled choices within relationships. If you’re looking for a collection filled with sexy male threesomes, you won’t be disappointed with Necking.

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