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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sensual Cravings by Juliet Burns, Jennifer Lynne, Kathleen Scott, Kate St. James

Secrets Volume 28: Sensual Cravings by Juliet Burns, Jennifer Lynne, Kathleen Scott, Kate St. James
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (333 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Forced Seduction
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint


When Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick tries to bargain with a fierce pirate for escape across the water to her childhood home, she unwittingly becomes the possession of Merciless MacGowan, a fierce privateer on the run from Cromwell’s army. Ewan MacGowan has been betrayed and mistakenly exacts revenge on this proud noblewoman. He may have stolen the lady’s innocence, but buried beneath her plain exterior lies a hidden treasure he never thought to find: the true woman of his heart.


Serena Hewitt has given up on love. Her experience has taught her there’s no such thing as ‘Mister Right’, but when she interviews for a potential partner she’s not prepared for her overpowering sexual attraction to Nicholas Wade, a fun-loving bachelor with bad-boy good looks and a determination to prove her wrong. But Nick’s hiding a secret that might just do the opposite. Can two people afraid of love risk exposing their hearts one last time?


Damien Storm is a Varti—a psychic who can connect to one special person to communicate with telepathically. For three years he’s tried in vain to get his Vartek partner, Jade, to acknowledge their link, but fear has made her keep him at a distance, even as he’s bared his heart and soul to her in order to gain her trust. He will do anything to know the sweetness of her body and mind in closer proximity, but first he must save her from the forces of the government who wish to see all Varti destroyed.


TV co-hosts Callie Hutchins and Marc Shaw fake an on-air romance to top November sweeps, but before long the battle of the sexes burns up the sheets and the ratings. Callie thinks Marc is a womanizer who should help her snag her dream job...on the other side of the country. As the month progresses, however, she realizes Marc isn’t the handsome playboy he portrays on their show--he’s funny, kind, and too sexy for words, damn it. So...can she give him up when November ends?

Sensual cravings is definitely what this collection created. All of these stories are extremely erotic, and tantalizing. These stories are all so hot in their own way it really has something for everyone. It also gives you a chance to enjoy some authors you may already have loved or introduce you to new ones.

The Pirate’s Possession by Juliet Burns

This was a wonderful story to start the collection with! If it is any indication of the stories to come I cannot wait. Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick (Tru) and Ewan make one sassy couple. Their banter goes back and forth so fluently you know these two were made for one another. The fact that they cannot trust one another in the beginning made it an even more exciting story. I mean, Ewan really knows nothing about Tru other than the fact that she is hiding something and Ewan is a pirate so he cannot be trusted. One thing about this story that I did find disturbing was the fact that Reginald was her cousin and tried to force himself on her. I know as an historical story those behaviors were acceptable at that time, but it did set off my ick factor. I was happy that it did not get too sexual between them. But the sex between Tru and Ewan - now that was something to want to read about. This was definitely a story that kept me entertained.

Seducing Serena by Jennifer Lynne

Seducing Serena proved to be a very sensual and erotic story. Serena had suffered years of abuse from her previous boyfriend. Although not physical, the mental and emotional stress caused her to not trust anyone. So when Nicholas challenges her to once again believe in romance she is more than a bit skeptical. Nicholas did not intend on getting involved in a serious relationship when replying to Serena's newspaper ad. Once he met her he realized she may actually be the one to tame him. I think Serena and Nicholas’s story really touched me because so many women have a damaged heart from previous relationships. I was extremely happy to see that she was able to get past Alex and to accept Nicholas as they both deserved. This was a couple I wanted to see more of even after the story was complete.

Mind Games by Kathleen Scott

At first I was a little puzzled by this one, but that was very brief. It took little time before I realized what a great story this was. The amount of growth Jade demonstrated in this story was exceptional. When Jade's father kllled her first love, she had a clue as to his evil nature, but she didn't realize just how demented he really was. But she was more than happy to go with Damien once she realized he was real. Although not love at first sight, there was definitely chemistry immediately -- these two could not keep their hands off of each other. Although the author mentions this story was created after her previous story Fatal Error which featured Damien’s parents I did not get the feeling I was missing anything. So far all of these stories have had great momentum.

Kiss Me at Midnight by Kae St. James

This story proved to be a sweet end to this collection. The story definitely focused more attention on the romantic aspect instead of the eroticism of the previous stories. The sex scenes in this story were absolutely sexy and hot, but you could tell that love was in the air and not just lust. Although both characters were great, the one who really caught my attention was Marc. The fact that the media that he was a part of pegged him as a playboy, when in reality he wanted love, made him unique. I also liked that he allowed Callie to determine the pace of their relationship because he knew his reputation created a hindrance for her. I think he is a truly exceptional man and one any woman would be proud to call her own.

Although these stories did not have a common aspect other than the erotic factor, they were still very entertaining. From the arrogant pirate to the sweet, misunderstood reporter you will desire over each fantasy man. Not only are the characters all different but the plots were as well. I think it is a nice way to get introduced to something you may not necessarily have read in the past. Trust me you will find yourself wanting to read more after these stories. With great plots and exceptional characters each story will be remembered.

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Thanks for the lovely review of Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings! Jennifer Lynne (Seducing Serena)