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Friday, August 6, 2010

Crazed Hearts by Shiloh Walker

Crazed Hearts (Grimm Circle Book 3) by Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (102 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

He’s no fairy-tale prince. But he just may be the hero she needs.

Grimm’s Circle, Book 3

Ren has always danced along the fine line between being a little bit crazy and being overcome by a darkness that’s haunted him since his mortal days. As an empath, he prefers to live far from people who would leak their emotions all over him, so he’s not expecting the woman who drives right into the heart of his wood. She has a cursed book with her and demons hot on her heels. Even more surprising are her abilities and the reaction Ren has to her.

Aileas is on the run. She just isn’t certain if she’s running from something real or imagined. One thing is for sure, her brother is dead and she’s certain the book she found has something to do with his death. She really starts to doubt her sanity when she meets a hot but somewhat crazed man in the middle of nowhere.

He calls himself Ren, and although he doesn’t seem to be out to hurt her, he definitely seems to want something. She just doesn’t understand what. She does know what she wants though. She wants him, and the shadows and darkness she glimpses inside him don’t matter. At least, right up until he claims to be a guardian angel.
And she thought she was going crazy.

Let me say right off that Shiloh Walker’s Grimm series is not your childhood fairy tale kingdom. The world of the Grimm is a dark one, and the characters are all edgy and well defined.

I enjoyed this story, although it is not all sweetness and light. I enjoyed seeing all of the characters from the previous books unite against a common enemy here.

But make no mistake about it; this is definitely Ren’s story. I love Ren, and as always with the Grimm series, I was guessing along the way as to who his character was supposed to be. Ren is a wonderful character; dark, brooding, but sensual and sexy as well. He is a man who has suffered and hurt, and he sees things too clearly at times. I love that the animals in his woods are his friends, so he never is really alone.

Aileas is a complex character as well. An empath like Ren, she thinks she shouldn’t trust him, but knows deep inside he will not hurt her. She doesn’t understand what is happening, but she faces it all with spirit and sometimes a bit of sarcasm. When these two let down their shields and interact honestly with each other, the sparks fly and they are combustible. The inevitable occurs, and neither is prepared. The battle scene is absolutely necessary to the plot, and as a side story, we see a side of Will, the leader or boss of the Grimm, which he usually keeps hidden.

There are several very big surprises in this one, and I refuse to spoil your reading fun, other than to say Ren finally gets the happy ever after he deserves. But not the one I expected at all. I give it 4.5 cherries.

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