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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Entropy by Viola Grace

Entropy: A Terran Times Novella by Viola Grace
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (81 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Reviewed by Holly

Alia Morgan is a geothermal specialist assigned to the ice planet Yana, but she experiences a disruption to her routine when her best friend's brother arrives to invite her to participate in Ember's wedding, in two days. They are halfway to the main city when Symon drops the bomb. For Ember to have a covenant marriage, the most binding and formal of arrangements, she needs a virgin to be deflowered on her wedding night. The problem is, Ember is pregnant and no longer qualifies. Alia was the only virgin she knows.

Symon then has to break the news that he is the one she will be coupling with, and despite her urge to jump into the snow and run for it, part of her is intrigued. Symon is tall, handsome, and has long fingers that she can't take her eyes from, how bad could the wedding night be?

The mind of Viola Grace must be a marvelous place. Just when I think she can’t surprise me, she comes up with a totally new angle to her Terran Times adventures.

The one thing Alia Morgan never expected was to be the virgin sacrifice at her best friend’s wedding. But the custom for a covenant marriage decrees that at least one surrogate virgin be deflowered the night of the wedding, and since Ember is already pregnant, she convinces her brother Symon to take her best friend’s innocence and satisfy the terms of the covenant.

But there are things happening behind the scenes that neither Alia nor Symon could have foreseen.

As with all of Ms. Grace’s stories, the characters in Entropy are finely crafted and delightful. I found Alia to be a strong and independent woman. Her only goal so far is to complete her contract with the Alliance and earn her freedom to be herself. I like the fact that Alia can roll with the changes thrown at her by her friend. After hearing what is expected of her, she could have refused, but she accepts, and it opens up a whole new world to her.

It doesn’t hurt that Symon is tall, green and sexier than all get out. I liked the way Symon is portrayed, as a loving brother first of all, and as the anointed next avatar of the planet Tana second.

The family ties in this story are strong, and important to the overall outcome to this one. The heat level continuously rises as Symon and Alia continue to flirt and play, everything but the final act. I love the subtle way that Tana shows that it is already awakening, and the surprise twist at the end is fantastic.

I recommend this for anyone who likes their romance mixed with science fiction and humor.

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