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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Icarus by Sherri L King

Icarus by Sherri L. King
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (73 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Forced Seduction
Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

He comes to her in dreams, when she is most vulnerable to his stirring touches and burning kisses. He drinks her blood and binds her to him in ways no mortal lover ever could…but Morrigan doesn’t want to believe that her water-dwelling blood drinker is anything more than a figment of her deprived imagination. Morrigan wants to be free of her addiction to the highly sexual creature she knows only as Az. But Az has other plans…and soon he hopes Morrigan will be too deeply under his spell to care that he wants to take her back to his homeworld…to be his mate for all eternity.

If a reader is looking for a different romance concept then this book is it, and it may also explain about the Loch Ness Monster.

Not that this book is about Nessie - it’s not. But the revelation about what goes on with some of the lochs in Scotland surely got me to thinking it’d be a cool explanation for its sightings. As it is, Scottish waterways are a key ingredient to understanding how this romance comes to be.

Morrigan is afraid that fame and the highlife are finally getting to her. She’s hearing things, seeing things in her dreams and she’s finding them way too real for her liking. She’s scared but determined to face it in her own way. She’s stubborn and courageous because she tries to confront it instead of running away. But the truth is so wild she runs anyway. I think her reaction is realistic. It’s a wild concept that stretches a person’s belief systems. She tries to rationalize it away but the physical proof is too obvious to discount. The conflict is mostly her learning to trust that what she knows of her reality is not the only truth. She’s a person of imagination and she’s gifted but it halts her growth because I think she believes that her current fantasy is a form of sickness – an overactive imagination if you will. A reader watches as Morrigan slowly comes to the realization that it is as it appears and there is nothing to fear except change. And we humans certainly don’t like change especially when we feel like we have no control over it. I think that’s one of her biggest stumbling blocks. It certainly would be mine. No one likes to feel helpless and that’s a huge hurdle.

Az is a bit of a steamroller. He knows who he wants and he’s doing everything he can to get her. His problem is that he’s restricted on how much and how long he can woo Morrigan. He’s lonely and lovesick and really wants to show Morrigan that she can trust him. He is extremely gifted in the sexual gratification department and those scenes more than satisfy any erotic romance reader’s wish. They are hot, well written and quite seductive. Too bad Morrigan is so skittish. I guess I’d be too all things considered. But Az sure puts his all into finding ways to get her to accept his suit. He has a secret that I never expected and I was pretty happy with his disclosure of who he was. I loved Ms. King’s descriptions of him. He sounded absolutely yummy and quite unique.

Most of this story is told via Morrigan’s POV but there are a few hops into Az’s POV. I liked the dialogue, for the most part, but his calling her ‘babe’ sort of didn’t ring true once I knew who he was. It’s not that big of a deal, but it did jolt me. I found the ending to be too short a wrap up. I guess I expected more of a flourish than it had. There is no doubt as to the happily ever after but I would have liked a short exploration of the sensations leading to their final ‘trip’. The concept was fascinating and totally hooked me and I wanted to experience it myself through Morrigan. Alas, that’s not what the author decided. I guess I’m nosy. The external conflict was foreshadowed in a scene and I knew it would come to haunt the heroine and I was right. It was interesting and the author did a great job of showing readers why the bad guy ended up the way he did. I guess no matter where you move to there will always be jerks.

Icarus is a really wonderful little erotic romance with a twist, a surprise and a lot of very hot loving utilizing some very romantic places. I actually liked Az, understood Morrigan’s trepidation in the beginning, which made her capitulation into love all the sweeter, and enjoyed the light drama because it spiced things up a bit to showcase Morrigan’s inner strength and fortitude. And she’s got attitude in spades when it comes to defending her man. That was pretty cool. I was entertained while reading this book and it kept my interest throughout. I’m glad I read this story because of its unique and titillating concept. It’s not your typical romance and for that it gets a recommend from me. I like the unusual and I love the description of Az’s eyes. It’s details like that which make this book special and worth reading.

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