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Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Than Make-Believe by Tymber Dalton

More Than Make-Believe by Tymber Dalton
Publisher: Placida Publishing, LLC
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (107 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Toys, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 Cherries
Reviewed by Peppermint

When you fall for a fantasy, how do you know if it’s more than make-believe?

Travis, an unquestionably straight college student, finds himself in a financial bind. He’ll do anything legal—including going gay for pay—and spends a weekend as Craig Rocke, letting gay porn star Marston Cougar have his way with him on film. Marston tells him to remember it’s all just a fantasy for the camera, even though it sure feels like more.

Gary, also known as Marston Cougar, has a respectable day job. A straight guy, he started out making gay porn to pay his way through college. After getting his heart broken he has a no-dating rule. Now paired with “virgin” Craig Rocke, he finds it hard to keep it make-believe when he’s losing his heart.

Gary’s young niece needs surgery, and he almost has enough money to quit for good. But now that he feels a true connection with his fantasy co-star, will he be able to find a happily ever after with him when it’s more than make-believe?

Contains a modern fairy tale, hot manlove, movie magic, flipped perceptions, and a cranky three year-old who really wants her pizza.

What do you do when make-believe is what you want? You make it More Than Make-Believe.

Tymber Dalton did an exquisite job creating a story around these two characters. Between their personalities and the interesting plot line there really was no room for error in this story.

Travis, aka Craig, was a sweet guy who couldn’t help but care for the man who was his first male lover. I think Travis' naivete and willing-to-try-anything attitude was great, especially for this role. That was the reason why, as a straight man, he was willing to do gay porn just to earn extra money to pay his bills while in school. As long as he took his co-star Marston’s advice and remembered it was make-believe Travis knew he could do just about anything.

Gary, aka Marston, just exudes sexuality and confidence. It is probably why he was the number one performer for the porn company. He always remained professional and remembered that it was all make-believe. That was until he met Travis. He knew he should remain distant, especially since the guy looked like his jerk ex, Billie, but for some reason he couldn’t stop thinking about his new co-star.

The motivation both men had behind doing porn was heart-wrenching. Travis needed money to support himself through school and Gary was saving for a surgical procedure for his niece. I think in these types of industries you probably have a lot of that, people who feel as if they have no other option turning to a less than desirable job. They have good intentions even if misguided. It also made for a great plot concept that the author took full advantage of.

I did find it confusing to keep up with the names since Travis was going by Craig Rocke and Gary was using Marston Cougar. The author interchanged the names frequently and I would sometimes have to go back and re-read a paragraph just to remember who was saying or doing what. After a while I did get used to it. The author does make it clear in the beginning which stage name each man is using to try to avoid some confusion, but for me, it still just seemed a little hard to follow at first.

Since this story was based around Gary and Travis being co-stars in gay porn there was sex, sex... then more sex. The only time they had privacy and were not having sex was when they were sleeping for an entire weekend. If that is not hot, well I don’t know what is, but this did not take away from the plot. The author was still able to clearly show the emotional progression between these characters as well as the physical relationship.

I absolutely loved the relationship development in this story. I think that the pace of the storyline was perfect. In many romance stories I normally get the feeling that at some point the relationship is rushed, but I did not get that in this story one bit. Because the plot seemed dead on it really made this story remember able. I will remember the characters but it will be because of their relationship as a whole and how well it turned out.

This story stayed with me far longer than I would have imagined. For days, if I had a spare moment it was as if the characters where stalking me (or me stalking them)... my mind would turn to them. Wondering what would happen next or replaying a scene in the book. I even found myself comparing other m/m stories to this one to see if they came anywhere close to this story's greatness. For that alone I would definitely read this story again and would recommend it to anyone who loves hot m/m action.

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